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Bona Products

Bona Products

Bona Products

Do you love your wood floors? Do you want to clean and protect your wood floors? Do you want to keep your wood floors looking their natural best? If the answer is yes then Bona products are for you. Bona products were designed specifically for wood floors.  Bona products will clean and protect your wood floors while keeping them naturally shiny and looking great for longer.

What makes Bona products so good for wood floors?

Bona is a well known brand worldwide. Bona have been creating and developing innovative wood floor care and maintenance products for almost 100 years. Bona love wood floors and they understand exactly what they need to keep them looking at their best. This love for wood floors led Bona to develop a fantastic range of products to help you care for your wood floors. Bona know that wood floors need gentle care and Bona products were designed with this in mind. Bona products are high quality, highly effective and will enhance and protect wood floors. Bona products safe for your home and kind to the environment. Bona’s range of products includes wood floor cleaners, refreshers, varnishes, primers and polishes, everything you need to clean and maintain your wood floors. Bona products contain ingredients which will clean, enhance and protect your wood floors without causing any damage, Bona products are specially for wood floors and that is why they are so good for wood floors.

Why are Bona products safer for my home?

Bona is committed to producing high quality, non toxic products which reduce exposure to chemicals and improve the air quality in your home. Bona products are Greenguard certified. The Greenguard certification program aims to ensure consumers choose healthier products from reputable brands who have passed their strict emissions tests. Being Greenguard certified means that Bona products have undergone rigorous testing and have met these strict emission limits. Greenguard certified products, such as Bona products, are safer for your home and kinder to the environment. Bona products are non-toxic and safe for use in your home.

What are Bona Products?

Bona is a family owned Swedish manufacturer of high quality wood floor care and maintenance products. Bona are market leaders in the wood care industry, their products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide so they must be doing something right! Bona is a high end brand. Bona  products will be appreciated by people who love their wood floors and want to take care of them properly. So, if you have never heard of Bona products then you are missing out. Their award winning Greenguard certified Bona Wood Floor Cleaner has been voted THE best cleaning product for wood floors many times. Bona’s water based varnishes are some of the best in the world, Bona Traffic HD is highly rated for its fast drying time, low odour and excellent finish. Don’t waste any more time, if you have wood floors Bona products should be on your shopping list.

What are the best selling Bona products?

Bona has a great range of products but there are a few stand out products which are customer favourites.

Bona Spray Mop

The Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop is one the best-sellers from Bona’s product range. This wood floor cleaning kit contains everything you need to keep your wood floors clean and shiny. Each Bona Spray Mop kit contains an easy to assemble spray mop, a Bona microfibre pad and a refillable cartridge of Bona’s award winning Wood Floor Cleaner. The spray mop has a light, ergonomic design and is very easy to use. The microfibre pad, which can be washed up to 300 times, attaches to the bottom with Velcro like strips. The cartridge clicks into place at the front of the mop. To activate simply pull the trigger system on the mop handle for quick and easy spray and wipe cleaning of your wood floors. This product is highly rated by homeowners.

Bona Traffic HD

Bona Traffic HD is an excellent quality water based varnish for wood floors. It is one of the most durable floor varnishes on the market and is highly rated by professionals due to its quality and efficiency. Mainly use by professional floor finishers in commercial buildings it is very long lasting even under constant daily traffic. Easy to apply, fast drying, low odour, hard wearing and a beautiful natural finish it is everything you could possibly want from a varnish hence the reason it is such a popular and widely used product.

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner

Another best seller from Bona, this award winning Bona product is without doubt one of the best wood floor cleaning products on the market. Available in a 750ml refillable cartridge for use with the Bona Spray Mop, in a 1L spray bottle or a 4L drum product from Bona is sure to impress. This Bona product is suitable for daily floor cleaning, will clean floors quickly and easily without leaving any dulling residue or streaks behind. Bona Wood Floor Cleaner will keep your wood floors looking clean and shiny.

Bona Wood Floor Refresher

If your wood floors are looking a bit lacklustre and you want a quick and easy way to restore the shine and increase the protection then this best-selling product from Bona is just what you need. The Bona Wood Floor Refresher is a very popular product and with good reason. It is easy to apply, dries quickly and will restore shine and mask small imperfections. No professional experience required for use. Bona Wood Floor Refresher is a maintenance product which will increase the protection and if used along with Bona Wood Floor Cleaner can keep your floor looking better for longer and will reduce the periods between complete refinishing of your floors i.e. sanding and varnishing.

Bona Microfibre Pad

Microfibre pads are great for wet and dry cleaning. Microfibre is super absorbent and designed to attract and remove dust, pet hair, small dirt particles and allergens from floor surfaces. The Bona Microfibre Pad was designed for use with the Bona Spray Mop and Bona Flat Mop but will attach to any flat mop with its Velcro like strips. The Bona Microfibre Pad is perfect for spray and wipe cleaning with all Bona products. It will remove dirt and dust with ease and is re-usable and machine washable up to 300 times. Another great product from Bona which is a big hit with customers.

Bona Wood Floor Polish

Another best selling product from Bona, this wood floor polish comes highly recommended by many satisfied customers. A water based polish which is easy to apply and fast drying Bona Wood Floor Polish will restore the shine and increase the protection on your wood floors. Available in gloss and matt finishes Bona Wood Floor Polish is a high quality, ready to use maintenance product for varnished wood floors. Bona products make cleaning and maintenance of your wood floors as easy as pie.

Bona Cleaner for Oiled Floors

Finally a daily cleaning product for oiled wood floors that will clean and refresh in one easy spray and wipe operation! Bona Cleaner for Oiled Floors is the perfect daily maintenance product for oiled wood floors. It is a neutral, ready to use product which is eco friendly and very efficient.  Available to purchase in a 750ml cartridge for use with the Bona Spray Mop, in a 1L spray bottle or a 2.5L drum , this popular oil floor cleaner from Bona

Those were some of Bona’s best selling and most popular products. Bona has a great range of products for both professional and domestic use, all high quality, efficient and easy to use. For the full range of Bona products visit Buy Bona products online from and have them delivered straight to your door, fast and hassle free.

Do I really need specialist Bona products for my wood floors?

You can buy generic products from your local supermarket for your wood floors but you run the risk of damaging your floors by using harsh chemicals or over-saturating with water. By using specialist products such as Bona you can be sure you are protecting and not damaging your floors. If you buy cheaper products which were not specially designed for wood floors what you save now on the cost of the products you will spend later on repairing and/or refinishing. Using specialist Bona products for daily cleaning and maintenance will ensure that your floors are clean and protected, wood floors that are properly maintained will not need to be refinished as often and will look good for longer. Spend money now on quality wood floor care and maintenance products to save money later. Bona products are worth it.

Why are Bona products so popular?

Bona products are popular because of their quality, simple. With almost 100 years of innovation and expertise, Bona are the market leaders in wood care and maintenance products. Bona products are high quality and efficient and this is why Bona products are well known and loved all over the world. Bona = Quality.

Are Bona products only good for wood floors?

Bona products were designed for solid and semi solid wood floors and work best on these floor types. Bona have developed a product called Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner which is a ready to use neutral product for easy spray and wipe cleaning of stone, tile and laminate floors.

Why should I choose Bona products over other brands?

It’s a matter of personal choice. If you love your wood floors and feel they deserve the best quality care and maintenance products then you will choose Bona. Bona products are renowned for their quality and efficiency and a lot of people with wood floors would not buy anything else. Bona products are award winning, Greenguard certified and highly rated by millions of happy customers worldwide so that’s why you should consider Bona products over other brands.

Where can I buy Bona Products?

Bona products are specialist products so you will not find them in your local supermarket. In Ireland, you can buy Bona products online from stocks the full range of Bona products. You can buy Bona products online and have them delivered straight to your door.

Who are is an Irish owned, Dublin based online retailer of high quality cleaning products and equipment. have a wealth of experience in the cleaning industry and vast knowledge about cleaning products. stock only high quality reputable brands such as Bona. want to promote great quality products which work well and are worth the money you pay for them. Bona offer excellent quality products and it is for this reason that they are stocked and sold by Bona products are specialist products designed for wood floors and while they are extremely popular they are difficult to source, you will not find them in your local shop or hardware store. Well, your search for Bona products is over, you can buy Bona products ONLINE from and have them delivered straight to your door, fast and hassle free. What’s more, are happy to take calls and help you with any queries you have about Bona products. So, if you are a homeowner wanting to take proper care of your wood floors or a professional looking for great quality Bona varnishes then 3 things 1. buy quality 2. buy Bona 3. buy online from You will not be disappointed. Bona = quality, = easy, hassle free, online shopping for all your Bona products.

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