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Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop Cartridge

Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop Cartridge

Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop Cartridge

A waxed wood floor looks naturally beautiful and will last for very long periods of time if properly maintained with the right cleaning products and proper cleaning systems. Oiled floors are sealed with a blend of natural waxes and protectors that over time will wear off and wash off. From time to time depending on traffic, your oiled floor will have to be refreshed to maintain its natural beautiful appearance.

Bona is one of the world leaders in innovative oiled floor cleaning systems. A few years back, Bona invented the Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop and the way you clean and maintain your oiled floors has changed for ever. Cleaning oiled floors with Bona is now quick and easy. The spray mop comes with a cartridge that is installed directly onto the frame. The spray is activated by a trigger. You just press the trigger and the product will be applied in an even coat onto the floor. Scrub it lightly with Bona Cleaning Pad and watch the amazing results.

Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop Cartridge – Where to use

The cartridge that comes with the Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop will is long lasting but will require replacement from time to time. Just order the product online and replace the cartridge with a new one in a matter of seconds. Nice and easy. Bear in mind that Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop Cartridge is only compatible with a Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop. It will not fit any other type of spray mop from other brands.

Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop Cartridge – What does the cartridge contain?

Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop Cartridge contains 1L of the world famous Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner. The product is the ideal detergent for cleaning all types of waxed or oiled wood floors. It can be used on waxed or oiled wooden floors that were sealed with a Bona or any other brand of hardwax floor oil. After a quick clean the results will be very impressive.

Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop Cartridge – Should I replace it when empty?

You do not need to completely replace the cartridge. The cartridge is refillable. The Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop Cartridge was built to last. You can buy a refill and fill up the cartridge as needed. The top of the cartridge can be unscrewed and the bottle can be easily refilled. You can order Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner 2.5 L and use it to refill the cartridge.

Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop Cartridge – My cartridge is leaking, what can I do?

Faulty cartridges are very rare but it can happen. From time to time the seals will wear off and leaks can appear. Just order another cartridge from and your problem is sorted. There are a few things you can do to prevent cartridge damage:

Do not add hot water because you will melt the seals
Do not use the cartridge with any other cleaning products
Be gentle with the cartridge and always store the spray mop standing up
Keep the mop away from direct sunlight

It is well worth it to invest in proper oiled floor cleaning systems and detergents. Oiled floors can cost a fortune and can be easily damaged when cheap or harsh chemicals are used for cleaning and maintenance. Never ever use steamers on wood floors. Use a clean microfiber cloth with your spray mop and only use the oiled floor spray mop on oiled floors.

Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop Cartridge