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ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves Review

ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves Review

ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves Review

The process of selecting the ideal gloves for your particular situation takes into account various criteria. The main focus is the suitability of the gloves to the task at hand. Basically, the gloves should be designed for the particular situations that they will be used in. For instance, there are those intended for industrial processes and construction jobs, while there are the medical grade gloves like the ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves, used in healthcare. Next is the type of substances that are handled.  From needles to chemicals, you want to ensure that the particular gloves provide the desired protection against the various factors that could result in hand injury. 

With regards to material, nitrile is preferred for its advantages over alternatives. Take latex for instance. Though it has been in use since the last century, it is increasingly getting shunned because of the numerous reports of latex allergies amongst the healthcare professionals and the patients they serve. On the other hand, with vinyl, the product itself comes at a low cost, but when it comes to fitting, it gets loose, thus compromising on dexterity and functionality. When handling delicate medical equipment, performing and examination, dealing with fragile tools and testing samples, you want precision and a firm grip. This is obtained with the nitrile gloves. 

Duration of contact also comes into focus. How long will the gloves be worn? This is particularly a huge determinant when it comes to the comfort of the user. For instance, in food processing facilities, a worker may end up wearing a pair of gloves for hours, during which time you want to ensure that they remain comfortable all through. The task at hand also weighs in when assessing the dexterity of the gloves and aspects like tactile sensitivity of the units. The purpose of the gloves will also aid in determining whether you will go for a single-use and disposable unit, which is also key in selecting the material that will be needed for your particular needs. 

Testing Glove Quality

To meet the criteria of medical-grade gloves, rigorous inspection is carried out. This is to ensure that the units have the required levels of protection, and that there is a safe barrier that will prevent the personnel wearing the gloves from getting contaminated by pathogens or affected by the chemicals being handled. Glove inspection involves acceptable quality limits (AQL). This measure is used on batches of gloves and is obtained as a percentage. For instance, the AQL of medical grade gloves should be 1.5 or lower. Basically, this means that if more than 1.5 gloves fail the test, then the entire batch is declared to not have met the standard. The lower the AQL, the higher the levels of protection. The quality testing takes different routes. The pinhole test is one of the routine ones. Here, it checks the barrier integrity of the gloves. This assesses for any breaches within the material since even the smallest one can allow pathogens through, putting the wearer in a precarious position. In the pinhole test, the gloves are filled with water and then closed up at the cuff. They are hung upside down. If the gloves do not leak for the entire duration of the test, then they will have been deemed to have passed this particular test.

Benefits Of The ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves


  • Hypoallergenic


Latex allergies are a key concern when using gloves, which is especially occasioned by the natural rubber latex products. The latex proteins trigger allergic reactions, which can affect both the wearer and the persons that they come into contact with. Workers repeatedly relying on latex gloves are more susceptible to developing health problems, which can range anywhere between mild skin irritation, to all-out anaphylactic shocks which are literally life-threatening. Irritant contact dermatitis is the most prevalent reaction, with its symptoms including soreness and redness of the exposed skin areas, and also dryness and cracking. This is not a feeling you want with your hands in the middle of carrying out your tasks. Latex allergy develops in a person who has been sensitized- which may occur over several months or even years. This is an irreversible state, which makes the affected individual become susceptible to allergic reactions due to the immune system overreacting on latex exposure. Even the tiniest amount of latex protein in this state will trigger a reaction. There is the Type 1 allergic reaction, which includes a rash that is either localised or generalised, the mucous membranes in the nose getting inflamed, red and swollen eyes, plus symptoms resembling asthma. In extreme cases, the anaphylactic shock will occur. The Type IV allergic reaction have delayed symptoms, occurring hours after the exposure to latex. This include itching which may occur with oozing red blisters. and dermatitis, that affects the hands and arms. These symptoms are usually associated to the accelerators- chemical additives- used during the manufacture of the latex products. These are not aspects that you want to be worried about as you provide the health care services. The ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves are latex-free, taking away the risk of reactions that is typical of the conventional latex gloves. 


  • Enhanced puncture resistance


Accidental needlestick injuries, where the skin is penetrated by a hypodermic needle that has been in contact with body fluids like blood prior to the exposure- can lead to serious ramifications.  The risk of contracting blood-borne infections is high in medical facilities with the health care workers being at direct risk. This also affects groups like the emergency responders, and even police officers plus correctional service officers who deal with potentially contaminated syringes and needles while on the line of duty. Protection from the infection is key. Nitrile by its nature is more puncture resistant than conventional latex and vinyl gloves. You won’t have to worry about the gloves puncturing and breaking easily when put under the typical pressures and stress levels witnessed in medical facilities.


  • Preventing the spread of infection


They can be used across the board, from hospitals and nursing homes, physician offices, phlebotomy, all through to laboratories. Whether there is a potential for being exposed to body fluids, secretions and excretions, or touching items that have been visibly soiled by body flubs, the ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves come in to provide the wearer the required levels of protection. What’s more, the production process of the ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves has been structured with ultimate hygiene standards in mind. With this regard, the units have been First Touch® manufactured, and come with the logo to ascertain it. This means that the whole production process, the examination to assess if the units meet the required criteria to be classified as medical-grade, to the packaging and dispatching, is carried out without any direct skin contact.  That way you can rest assured that you’re getting gloves that have not been contaminated, and are thus safe to use for your healthcare personnel and the patients they are serving.

Remember to follow proper procedures when using the gloves, which includes wearing and taking them off at the appropriate time. For instance, healthcare workers and emergency medical service (EMS) crew should wear the ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves before touching the patient, then remove them immediately after the assessment or procedure being carried out has been finished- before proceeding to touch a clean surface. In case you are to come into contact with patients after the gloves have been taken off, simply don a new pair. The economic packaging of the ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves enables you to ensure that you have an ample supply of disposable gloves at hand for the multiple changes.


  • Avoids the risks from powders


Glove powders cause different complications in the health care process. Take examination for instance. Here, the powder can contaminate the samples being tested, or the tools that are being used. This leads to incorrect results. In cases like surgery, the residual amounts of powder granules that are left at the surgical site will affect the healing process. In fact, they can very well be the vehicle that leads to opportunistic pathogens spreading into the system. The glove powders can cause increased risk of wound infections. Adhesions may also develop, which are triggered by increased inflammatory response to the powdered glove, and also granulomas. Glove powder has been reported to cause uterine and fallopian tube adhesions, which can even risk female infertility, hence the insistence on using powder-free gloves for the routine vaginal examination. The effects span to other anatomical sites, including the cranial cavity and the middle ear. 

One of the most common consequences of powdered gloves is the sensitisation that is caused by the reactions to the natural rubber latex. Here, the powder’s tendency to bind with the protein antigens from the latex increase the rate at which persons are affected. The powder, with the alleges on it, can get aerosolised when the gloves are being donned or taken ff, further contaminating the hospital environment, putting persons on the premises at risk. In fact, the powdered latex gloves cause more of the latex proteins to get airborne than any other product in the hospital. The medical facilities where powdered gloves are used clock over 300 times more concentration of the aerosolised latex proteins than those where powder-free alternatives are used. 

With powdered gloves, it can also get messy. The powder getting on your medical equipment, the tools being used to assess patients, to lab gear like microscopes- they affect normal usage of the equipment. It’s also a nuisance when the powder gets on one’s clothes. These issues are avoided by turning to the ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves.


  • Form-fitting


The ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves soften quickly on the skin, providing a comfortable fit- even when the glove is being used for a long period. It fits like a second skin. They conform to the hand as the body’s own heat warms them up, giving you a natural feel.  The low coefficient of friction of the gloves makes them easy to put on and off. This is a result of the finish that is applied onto the material during the processing stage, which also makes it a breeze when you want to change the gloves. This is beneficial in both medical and food processing industries, where frequent glove changes are witnessed.  What’s more, the ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves are able to dissipate heat from the hand much rapidly, which reduces sweat and prevents skin irritation. The gloves are also ambidextrous. This means that each of the ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves can be used on either hand. It helps in reducing the amount of time that would have been spent finding a pair of gloves that matches- time that is every limited in busy medical facilities. 


  • Chemical resistance


The ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves create a barrier between the skin and the chemicals that are being handled. In fact, nitrile offers inherently more chemical resistance than latex and vinyl, and can be used to protect the wearer against the oils, acids, and other chemicals that they come into contact with while carrying out their duties. The waterproof nature of these units also prevents the liquids from seeping through and getting to the skin.


  • Textured fingertips.


These come in to enhance the grip of the wearer using the ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves. This is especially vital when handling the tools and small objects typical of the medical equipment. The high tactile sensitivity enables you to accurately feel the textures, sizes, shapes and other attributes by touch.  What’s more, you will be able to easily detect changes in these attributes on the surfaces being touched or items being handled as you go about the tasks. 



With the ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves, you will be in a position to make savings in your health centre’s budget. Firstly, they come at affordable prices, and the packaging, where there are 100 pieces in each box, and 10 boxes in each carton, enables you to make purchases of the disposable gloves in bulk. They have a long shelf life, allowing you to stock up a supply that will be sufficient for your medical facility. The gloves are also suitable for other industries where the protective attributes are needed, like for tattoo artists, veterinarians and even hairstylists who require them.

ASAP Lite Nitrile Gloves Review

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