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Amtico Floor Cleaning

Amtico Floor Cleaning

Amtico Floor Cleaning

Amtico floors were highly popular between the 1970s and 1990s. So if you bought your home during this period you are very likely to have Amtico floors. Amtico floors are a plastic imitation of all types of floors, this means Amtico is a plastic floor that can be designed to look like any floor covering of your choice, wood, stone, tile etc. Some people may not even be aware that their “wood floor” is in fact Amtico floor such is the high quality of the imitation. Between 70s and 90s many houses and businesses had Amtico floors fitted. It made sense, it was warm, durable and very easy to maintain. After the 90s, the popularity of Amtico declined as more people opted for carpets and wood floors. But now, Amtico is back in demand and is more popular than ever and even better it is much more affordable. People who had wood floors or carpets instead of Amtico are growing tired of all the expensive maintenance.

Amtico Floor Cleaning – Maintenance

Most Amtico floor owners know how to properly maintain their floors. The floor has to be polished regularly, cleaned regularly and treated with respect. Amtico manufacturers sell a wide range of products suitable for refreshing or cleaning amtico floors.

Amtico Dressing – a water based satin finish floor polish suitable for sealing amtico floors. To be applied over new or newly stripped amtico floors. Two to 3 coats is more than enough. The polish has a semi gloss finish and it is suitable for domestic and commercial floors.

Amtico Stripper – a heavy duty floor stripper suitable for removing polishes & sealants from Amtico floors. The product requires a dilution of at least 1 to 10 and it can remove up to 3 coats of dressing at once. Efficient on water based finishes only.

Amtico Maintainer – a neutral floor cleaner suitable for deep cleaning and maintaining amtico floors. To be diluted 1 to 50 before use. Wash your floor daily with a clean mop. It will remove most types of dirt build ups instantly.

Amtico Spillage Remover – this is a very handy little product. If a spillage happens, you can safely removed with this spray. The product will remove the stain instantly without affecting the finish of the floor. It quickly removes coffee, tea, wine and food stains. If you have amtico floors you should not be without this product.

Amtico Floor Cleaning – Can you do it?

Deep cleaning amtico floors is not very complicated but it has to be done right. In most cases, people do not own proper floor cleaning equipment, if your floor is only 10-15 sq meters, you might be ok, but if your floor is 25+ sq meters, you are in trouble. Not having the right equipment generally means that in the majority of cases amtico floor owners do not remove the pre-existing sealant and just apply more dressing over it. This process will make the floor shinier but it will also trap dirt between the coats of polish and will create a patchy finish. It is never recommended to seal a floor without first removing the old polish.

Amtico Floor Cleaning – Protection

If you just had your floors polished, you need to be aware of a few things. The floor looks nice and shiny and if you want it to stay like that, read the following rules:

-do not wash your amtico floor with acidic cleaning products

-do not use one mop for all your floors

-do not use old and smelly mops

-do not drag heavy items on the floors

-do not put mats over amtico floors

-install soft leg protectors on chairs & beds

-cut your pet nails

-do not scrub the floor with hard scourers

-do not drip paint on the floor

-paint your skirting with heavy duty paint (cheap paints react with the stripper)

If you are planning to strip and seal your amtico floors on your own, just visit

Amtico Floor Cleaning – Professionals

Dublin Floor Cleaning is your local amtico floor cleaning company. We specialise in deep cleaning services, polishing and restoration of all types of amtico floors. Our company is happy to contract small domestic amtico floor cleaning projects or big commercial amtico floor polishing projects. We are fully insured and highly recommended by all our customers and most amtico floor fitters. Give us a call and we will provide you with a free no obligation estimate.

Amtico Floor Cleaning – What we do?

We are the people you call when your amtico floors are not shiny anymore. After years of polishing and over polishing, your amtico floors are in very bad shape and need a full stripping operation. Dublin Floor Cleaning uses heavy duty floor buffers, industrial wet vacs and top of the range polishing pads. We can restore most domestic amtico projects in less than 3 hours. We strip, seal and polish your floors. Your floor will be restored to its former glory, just like the first day you had it installed.

Amtico Floor Cleaning – Guarantee?

Well, the life expectancy of any newly sealed amtico floor can vary from job to job. A mad house with 3 kids and 2 dogs will last much less than a home with two older people where there is little traffic. Even under daily use, your amtico floors should look like new for at least 24 months. We guarantee that you will not have to re-seal your floors for 24 months after it was done by us. Of course, subject to proper maintenance.

Amtico Floor Cleaning – Are new floors factory sealed?

No. A new amtico floor has no sealant on it. It might have a glazing on it but it is not sealed. You do not have to seal your amtico floors, you can use it as it is. The only issue is that amtico floors are imitating wood, laminates, marble, etc, and the dirt can easily just deposit in the grain of the floor. Having the floor sealed will facilitate easier cleaning and will prevent dirt from building up inside the floor. The floor is made from plastic, it is waterproof and very durable, a few coats of polish will not make it tougher, but cleaning a polished amtico floor becomes very easy. The dirt has nowhere to hide. We had customers who had to scrub their amtico floor on their knees for years to achieve good cleaning results. After we have polished the floor, the floor area can be mopped to perfection in less than 1 minute with a flat mop.

Amtico Floor Cleaning – Costs

The price for amtico floor cleaning and amtico floor polishing can vary from job to job. Sealing an amtico floor that was never sealed can cost 3-4 euro per square meter while sealing an amtico floor that has 1 cm of polish on it, can cost 10-12 euro per square meter. To remove 20 coats of polish we will need to strip the floor at least 5 times, black pads, a lot of stripper and neutralisers. It takes much longer and is a much more complicated job. Commercial amtico floors are also priced per square meter but there are extra costs to be added. Most commercial amtico floors can only be sealed overnight outside of normal business hours. Huge amounts of traffic also means that industrial floor polishes have to be used to ensure full protection for over 24 months.

If you are looking for a professional amtico floor cleaning contractor in Dublin, you need to have a look at our latest projects. We have been deep cleaning and polishing amtico floors since 2007. We are fully insured and highly recommended.

Amtico Floor Cleaning Dublin

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