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Wood Stain Information

  • Wood Stain Information


Date : February 3, 2017

Wood Stain Information

-please bear in mind that wood stain, like hair colourant, will not turn out to be the exact shade as the colour displayed on the tin. The colour of the stain is displayed for information purposes only. The finished result will vary depending on a number of factors, the type of wood, existing finish, grain of wood etc. For example, a Grey stain will look different on different types of wood. Light grey stain is 1 coat of grey while Dark grey is two coats of grey. Wood stains are not paint and will not change the look of the wood 100%. The final colour will depend on the type of wood and the number of coats applied.

Wood Stain Information

-after you have chosen your desired stain we would always advise that you do a patch test i.e. use it on a very small area to ensure that the finished result is as you would like it. It will not match the shade on the tin, results will vary for different wood types.

-if you plan to mix two colours of wood stain to achieve your desired shade be sure to mix enough for the whole surface. If you run short, it will be difficult to exactly match that particular colour again.

-all our stains are oil based. 1 pack varnish might not bond well so we would suggest using a primer before varnishing. Two pack varnishes will seal perfectly.

-the drying periods can vary from surface to surface and from day to day. On a hot day the stain will dry in a few hours and on a cold wet day it can take up to 12 hours to fully dry. Only apply the second coat after the first cost is fully dry.

-only stain wood surfaces that are dry and free of any type of finish. The wood stain will not penetrate any pre-existing finish.

-1 coat of stain will only give a hint of x colour. The second coat will accentuate the colour but not by a lot.

-wear a pair of gloves to avoid staining your skin. The stain can be removed with hot water and a degreaser.

-always do a sample test before staining a big surface. If you are not sure what you want, drop around our office and we will do a sample test for you.

-Tover wood stains are designed to offer unique colours if used properly. Do not soak the wood surface with stain to avoid long drying periods.

-dispose of the cloth used to stain the floor. Do not put the cloth used to apply the stain directly into a bin. It could potentially start a fire. After the job is complete, soak the cloth in water to avoid accidents

-be absolutely sure what colour stain you need before ordering. If you are not sure you can call us with any questions you may have, we will be happy to help. We cannot exchange or refund products which have been opened and used. Samples can be provided upon request, normal delivery charges will apply to samples.

-Wood stain should be stored in a cool, dry place and out of reach of children.

-the wood stain can be applied with a cloth for small staining jobs or with a white floor pad and a low speed floor buffer for bigger floor surfaces. Apply masking tape on all other wood surfaces that do not need to be stained (skirting, door frames, saddle, etc)

-the wood stain has no protective qualities so it will require some type of finish over it. The wood stain is only a colour.

-staining a wood surface is not such a hard job and no specific training is required just common sense, if ever you are in doubt you should consult a professional. All Tover wood stains are ready to use products and should not be mixed with any additives of thinners.

Wood Stain Information



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