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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Sandyford

  • Window Cleaning Sandyford


Date : August 6, 2016

Window Cleaning Sandyford

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The Expert Window Cleaning Crew You Can Rely On

• About Us
As our valued customer, you are our main priority. Our Dublin window cleaning services have been structured to meet your needs, with the solutions provided been tailored to your situation- from the type of windows being worked on, the frequency of the sessions you want scheduled, to the budget you’re working with. Our friendly customer service is ready to address any query that you may have, with our motivated personnel cheerfully, quickly and meticulously taking care of the matter.
• Domestic Window Cleaning
With clean windows, you get to boot your curb appeal. Whether you’re looking to sell or rent out the home, show off to your neighbours, set an inviting feel for guests coming over, or simply feel comfortable in your own home, the window cleaning enables you to achieve this. More natural light and warmth ends up flooding the interior space, which is a welcome bonus since it enables you to save on your monthly energy bills.
• Commercial Window Cleaning
Different establishments have their different types of windows. There are those with low-E coated glass, where the sun’s heat gets blocked while still allowing in plenty of light, those with reflective coating where the emphasis is on both privacy and heat reduction, others that are glazed with their multiple panes, all through to tempered glass which is popular for its safety. Our crew have the expertise to handle them all.
• Reach & Wash Window Cleaning
This is a safe and cost effective system to get the windows clean, while simultaneously reducing the disruption in the establishment. The telescopic poles can reach to heights of up to 80ft, negating the need for ladders, cherry pickers, rope access or cradle systems for accessing the high windows. Our crew is able to work on multiple windows within a shorter span of time, while still delivering streak-free results, which is also attributed to the ultra-pure water that is used for the cleaning.
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