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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Leixlip

  • Window Cleaning Leixlip


Date : January 22, 2018

Window Cleaning Leixlip


The Professional Window Cleaning Team You Can Rely On


  • About Us- Window Cleaning Leixlip

Our personnel have been trained to pay attention to detail, and we are constantly investing in improving their technical and customer service skills. This is all aimed at satisfying you, our valued customer. After all, you want sparkling clean windows, and to have a pleasant working relationship with our crew while they are on your property. Safety is also key to our operations, and we incorporate measures that ensure your property, our personnel and the equipment they use are safe throughout the cleaning.


  • Domestic Window Cleaning- Window Cleaning Leixlip

As our crew get rid of the dust, hard water spots and greasy films coating the windows, they will also remove those nests at the corners that have been built by insects like hornets. This enables you to avoid those nasty sting incidents that would have resulted in future as the populations of the insects grow and they begin posing greater risks to your family members. You also get streak-free results with the cleaning.


  • Commercial Window Cleaning- Window Cleaning Leixlip

Clean windows will allow your customers to have a great first impression about your business. Just as you invest in keeping the indoor space well maintained, the exterior surfaces also need to be cared for. Moreover, it has been shown that customers prefer to carry out their shopping in an attractive establishment. As such, investing in the aesthetic appeal of your premises bears good tiding for your monthly sales.


  • Reach & Wash Window Cleaning- Window Cleaning Leixlip

This approach to the cleaning enables our crew to cut on time, costs and the risks associated with conventional methods such as ladders and suspended platforms. Waterfed poles that can be extended as high as 80ft are used, and pure water gets pumped up the poles, striking the glass in jets. Brushes at the top of the poles scrub the window, dislodging the grime for it to be washed down.

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