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Window Cleaning Company

  • Window Cleaning Company


Date : May 24, 2018

Window Cleaning Company

Are you a window cleaning contractor? Do you want more work? No problem, join today and let the work flow. Domestic or commercial window cleaning contractors can greatly benefit from membership. Are you a customer looking for window cleaning services? Look no more. will help you find the right window cleaning contractor that is covering your area and is ticking all your requirement boxes. What could be easier? Here is a bit of information regarding window cleaning:

There are two types of window cleaning, the classic blade window cleaning and the newer reach and wash window cleaning. Both as efficient but not as cost efficient. Blade window cleaning can get brilliant results but is very time consuming and uneconomical. A reach and wash window cleaning system can do ten times more work in the same time as a man with a ladder can do. Also, using the reach and wash window cleaning systems there is no more need for hiring expensive hoists/cherry pickers or taking mad risks by using 50 feet ladders. But some people prefer the classic way and they don’t even want to know of reach and wash.

Reach & Wash Window Cleaning: Window Cleaning Company

With the progress in technology and with window cleaning contractors looking for ways of doing more for less money, the reach and wash window cleaning system was invented. Very simple technology but very efficient. If you try to wash your windows with tap water you will notice salt and mineral stains all over the glass when it dries. A reach and wash window cleaning system will come with a water filtration system that will remove all the salts, minerals and other impurities up to a level of about 99% pure water. What is left after the purification system is pure water, this water under good pressure and with a help of semi soft brush will push all the dirt from the glass. The reach and wash window cleaning system is very efficient for regular window cleaning with no big build up of dirt. This type of window cleaning is useless for after builds or for windows with stickers or other heavy dirt. Window Cleaning prices have dropped to very affordable rates after the invention of this system. A standard size 3 floors office with 50 windows can be done in 2 hours. It would have taken 2 days before. From our market study looks like the prices for reach & wash window cleaning start from about 3 per small window and it can go as high as 20 per window depending on the size of the window, the access to it and the condition. Regular window cleaning works much cheaper but then again, depends on your location. Most window cleaning contractors will include the frames of the window in the deal.

Blade Window Cleaning: Window Cleaning Company

This type of window cleaning is more suitable for domestic use or smaller jobs. Blade window cleaning is the most efficient type of cleaning if the site is easy to access and if the job is not too big. Takes much longer than the reach & wash window cleaning service. Some jobs, like after builds, renovations or places with very dirty windows can only be cleaned used the old system. The famous people that use to carry a ladder on the bike and knock around people homes to offer window cleaning services use to charge 30-40 for a 3 bed house inside and outside. They could do 4 to 5 jobs per day. For a window cleaning company those prices wouldn’t be worth it. If you contact a window cleaning contractor and you prefer them to use a blade on your windows you should expect to pay from 60 up for a 3 bed house.

Window Cleaning Costs : Window Cleaning Company

Most people think that window cleaning is a very cheap operation. Well, it’s not. Let`s say you have just contacted a window cleaning contractor and you have asked them to drop around for a estimate. He has to drive to your home and back so 10 was already spent plus the man salary for 1 hour. If you agree the deal he will have to give you an appointment. He will have to drive back to you another day and then back home. Another 10 . The job will take 2 hours for a 3 bed house in/out. At a rate of 10 per hour that will mean the man has to charge you 20 for driving to your home & back twice fuel expenses, 20 plus taxes for his salary, then he has insurance, tyres, car service, doe, phone, office expenses, van insurance, tools usage, profits etc. So the minimum 60 he will charge you for a 3 bed window clean means about 18 in the window cleaner pocket. Not mad money. Why not hire a man that wants cash and comes around with a bike? Well, you can but if he gets caught working without a company and you will be persecuted for paying cash for jobs. Even more, if your windows get damaged you won`t be covered by any insurance and if the man hurts himself somehow you will pay for his damages. Why take a chance for such a little saving?

There is a huge diversity of window cleaning contractors that cover the whole island from one corner to the other one. Most of them accept online payments and most of them have great websites where they explain you what they do and what costs. Never pick the first contractor, ask for 3 estimates and get the best value for you but never go for mad cheap prices. It has to be a combination of value and quality.

Do a search on and you will find what you need.

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