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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Clontarf

  • Window Cleaning Clontarf


Date : October 3, 2016

Window Cleaning Clontarf


Turn To The Specialist Window Cleaning Crew


  • About Us  – Window Cleaning Clontarf

We are focussed on quality of services we deliver- from the customer care to the cleaning process itself. To ensure that you are pleased and feel confident with the personnel sent to your establishment, each of them have been taken through a challenging hiring process before joining our team, which includes an extensive background check. They are then required to meet our strict standards on courtesy and ethics, and we also invest heavily in developing their technical skills to ensure a thorough and safe job is carried out.


  • Domestic Window Cleaning – Window Cleaning Clontarf

Dirty windows can make the home feel unkempt, souring the mood and making your guests feel uneasy. Then there is the constant nagging thought about the chore that needs to be carried out. These are not the conditions you want to live in. Moreover, if you have a tremendous view outside your property, you don’t want dirt coming in the way of you enjoying it. Call in our team to give your windows a thorough wash.


  • Commercial Window Cleaning – Window Cleaning Clontarf

The window cleaning can be a difficult and time consuming task- especially without the necessary skill or equipment. Getting your employees to do it means that they won’t have as much time or energy needed to perform their regular tasks, which lowers the productivity at your premises. On the other hand, a professional cleaner will get the job done fast and effectively, allowing your employees to focus on their core mandate within your business.

  • Reach & Wash Window Cleaning – Window Cleaning Clontarf


Using waterfed telescopic poles means that our crew won’t need to keep carrying around ladders or spending loads of time setting up support platforms. In addition, since there are no detergents incorporated in the process, there won’t be any residue left behind on the windows. You also get streak free results without the disruption or risks that are associated with the traditional modes of cleaning windows.

Window Cleaning Clontarf



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