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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Cabra

  • Window Cleaning Cabra


Date : January 17, 2018

Window Cleaning Cabra


Professional Care For Your Building’s Windows


  • About Us – Window Cleaning Cabra

We’re all about providing quality services for our customers, with an emphasis on the safety of your property and our personnel. As such, our training programs incorporate the latest advancements in window care, and safety programs that are structured to control hazards to life and property, also complying with the government regulations on the same. Moreover, our services are insured, so you can have the peace of mind that your property is in the hands of professionals.


  • Domestic Window Cleaning – Window Cleaning Cabra

You want peace of mind when the window cleaners are working in your home. You don’t want to worry about issues like dirt getting tracked into the house, trampled flower beds, dirt water spots, broken screens or ending up with streaked windows. Using our professional window cleaning services ensures that such cases don’t crop up. Our processes are structured to ensure that you get spectacular windows, and that your home and its environs are safe.


  • Commercial Window Cleaning – Window Cleaning Cabra

Maintaining the property is part of the requirements of the leased commercial paces. Allowing dirt and grime to build up on the window puts their structural integrity at risk. From the substances that can etch the glass, to the gunk that prevents normal opening and closing operations of the window, causing too much force to be exerted that can cause breakages- these are liabilities that you certainly don’t want being added to your business. Regular cleaning will prevent such scenarios from occurring.


  • Reach & Wash Window Cleaning – Window Cleaning Cabra

This is a fast-paced approach that enables our personnel to takes on more workload, in a fraction of the time that traditional methods would have used, while simultaneously achieving far superior window cleaning results. The Reach & Wash system incorporates telescopic poles that are used to access the windows, and the cleaning solvent is just water – in an ultra-pure state which enables it to deliver superior cleaning action for the window.

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