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  • Tover Wood Care Products
  • Tover Wood Care Products
  • Tover Wood Care Products
  • Tover Wood Care Products
  • Tover Wood Care Products


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Date : February 12, 2021
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Location : Ashleigh House, JFK Rd, Dublin 12

Tover Wood Care Products

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Over the past 20 years people have decided that they no longer want the old oil & solvent based floor finishes and instead opt for more eco friendly water based technology. More and more people are looking for natural, non polluting and safe floor finishes. People are more environmentally conscious and are more careful about the types of chemicals and products they use in their homes and expose their families to. People care about how wood floor cleaners, wood floor lacquers and wood floor refreshers are manufactured. Tover is leading this revolution with some of the most innovative and most durable finishes. To be able to understand it, you need to see it, you need to feel it and you need to know how it is made.


Tover Wood Care Products – Floor Lacquers


A floor sealed with a Tover Floor Lacquer will look better, will breathe naturally and will retain the natural feeling of the wood without artificial glazing. All Tover Floor Lacquers comply with EU legislation in safety and pollution. Tover manufactured a number of water based floor lacquers for all users.


If you are looking for a good domestic floor lacquer, you need to check out Tover Home Maxi Floor Lacquer. A beautiful water based floor lacquer with superior cover available in matt, semi gloss and glossy finishes. It will not yellow, it will not scratch easily and it will not react with standard wood floor cleaners. To be applied in a 2 coats system over a solvent or water based floor primer.


For very tough projects & and very high traffic wood floors, we recommend the amazing Tover Uniqua Floor Lacquer. This product is not your standard floor lacquer. Tover Uniqua Floor Lacquer is available in “nature” 100% non glazing and sheen free, extra matt, semi gloss and gloss. Tover Uniqua Floor Lacquer can also be used with a special hardener to make it compatible with oil wood stains. If you are looking for an anti slip floor lacquer, yes, you guessed it, Tover Uniqua Floor Lacquer has an option that contains anti slip agents as well. The product creates beautiful natural finishes on wood and does not glaze.


Tover Idrolak DR 97 Floor Lacquer is one of the most popular water based floor lacquers from the Tover range. This two pack floor lacquer will seal domestic and commercial wood floors. It can be applied directly on the wood, it can be applied over water based or solvent based floor primers or it can be applied over oil based wood stains. Available in matt and semi gloss finishes.


Tover Wood Care Products – Primers


A primers job is to penetrate the wood and create a perfect smooth base for further coatings. Tover sells a water based wood floor primer and a solvent based wood floor primer. If you are looking for colourless water based wood floor primers, you need to try Tover Idrofondo H20 Water Based Floor Primer. Safe to use on all types of unsealed wood floors. It will cover around 12 sq meter per L and it should fully dry in about 2 hours. If you are looking for a bit of colour, you can try Tover Fondo Isolante Solvent Based Floor Primer. This finish will create a warm finish on very bright wood floors. It can be overcoated with any Tover Floor Lacquer.


Tover Wood Care Products – Cleaners & Refreshers


Besides top of the range wood floor finishes, Tover also manufactures a number of top quality professional wood floor cleaners, wood floor refreshers and wood floor maintainers. There is a solution available for any type of wood floor finish.


Tover Pulito Parquet Cleaner is a water based universal wood floor cleaner and maintainer for lacquered and polished wood floors. The product has to be diluted in warm water and used with a flat mopping system preferably. Non glazing, non streaking and harsh chemical free. Suitable for commercial and domestic wood floor cleaning projects.


Tover Deteroil Oiled Floor Cleaner is the perfect oiled floor cleaner and maintainer. The product will deep clean, nourish and restore lost sheen. Safe to use on all types of wood floors that were sealed with an oil/wax finish. It will not remove or dullen pre-existing finishes. To be diluted in warm water before use. Highly recommended for domestic floor cleaning. Available in clear or a white finish.


Tover Lux Sealer is a water based wood floor polish suitable for sealing oiled floors and lacquered floors. Its unique composition makes it compatible with oiled floors as well. It can be applied as a refresher with a flat mopping system. It will create a matt elegant finish on wood floors. Available in a clear or a matt finish.


Tover Rinovoil Maintenance Oil is a professional refreshing oil from Tover. This product can be applied to old and damaged oiled/waxed floors to rebuild the protection. Compatible with all Tover hardwax oils but also with waxes from other brands. Pre-testing is highly recommended. It will cover 30-50 sq meter of floor per 1L.


Tover Wood Care Products – Tover wood Stains


If you are looking for a change, you can try one of Tovers unique oiled based wood stains. Tover manufactures some of the most beautiful and most widely used wood stains. The wood stain will not cover the wood in full, but instead it will just give a hint of a colour in the grain of the wood. All Tover wood stains can be sealed with a two pack water based floor lacquer.


Do not waste your money on cheap and poor quality floor lacquers. You want to seal your floors and to maintain your floors with proper high quality wood care products. We can guarantee that the Tover Wood Care Range will satisfy even the most demanding user.


Tover Wood Care Products



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