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Date : February 21, 2017

Sofa for Sale is a great platform to sell or buy sofas. With so many potential customers visiting our website you will sell or you will find your sofa in no time. has sofa for sale ads from the whole Ireland. When you do a search make sure that you add your area beside sofa for sale keyword.

Sofa For Sale Buyer

Why pay full price for a good sofa when you can find thousands of sofa online at up to 70% discounts? Some sofa for sale ads advertise their products as new or nearly new. With house repossessions on the increase, many people sell their products online at very good prices. A decent sofa can cost up to 2000 but a decent used sofa will cost only about 300-500 . A good deep sofa cleaning will sanitise and have a used sofa looking like new. Sofas are made to last so if you buy a good sofa it could last you for the rest of your life.

Sofa for Sale Sellers

If you plan to sell your sofa with you should follow these simple rules. Ask the fair price. Just because you have paid 1000 for your sofa it doesn’t mean that your sofa is worth 900 this year. The minute you have left the shop your sofa has lost 40% of its value. After the original depreciation you have to assess your sofa and if the condition is excellent then deduct 10% extra. So the value of your sofa is about 50% of what you have paid. If you post a sofa for sale ad with mad asking prices nobody will contact you. You have created your sofa for sale ad, write a good description, ad some photos and make sure you list your location. People from Cork wont travel to Dublin to buy a sofa. Ad done.

If you plan to advertise your antique sofa for sale you should have it assessed before you try to sell it. Some old sofas can be very valuable and people are sometimes selling them for close to nothing not knowing their true value. A buyer will be very happy to buy a top of the range sofa for little cash.

Websites like can be a great advertisement ramp for shops that sell sofas. Your location can or can`t generate good business. But listing your products with a very powerful website will put your products right at the top of people searches. Most people will be searching online before going to a shop. Sofa for sale keywords gets thousands of searches each month. If your products are not there they cannot be found.

If you plan to buy or sell your sofa you should consider!

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