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Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning Templeogue

  • Sofa Cleaning Templeogue


Date : July 28, 2017

Sofa Cleaning Templeogue


1 seat sofa cleaning 20 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 40 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

4 seat sofa cleaning 75 euro


DIY Leather Sofa Cleaning Mistakes – Sofa Cleaning Templeogue

You value your sofa, and you don`t want to see it getting ruined. However, with DIY cleaning projects, the chances of this occurring are high. Oversights that are made can result in anything from unsatisfactory results, to the sofa itself getting irrevocably damaged. These include:


Using general cleaning products – Sofa Cleaning Templeogue
Leather is a sensitive material. Just like the skin, pH variations have a drastic impact on the leather. Going for products that are used for dissolving stains and getting rid of scale deposits, plus grease residue on other sections of the household, and applying the same to the leather upholstery, can end up damaging it. Issues like discolouration or corroding the material can result.

Cleaning with water – Sofa Cleaning Templeogue
Although water is commonly used on the numerous surfaces in and out of the house for cleaning tasks, with leather sofas it`s a different matter. Water leaves spots on the upholstery, which are more visible in cases of dark leather.

Drying the sofa using a hair dryer or fan – Sofa Cleaning Templeogue
While it`s true that excess moisture left behind on the sofa will ruin it, attempting to speed up the drying using heat sources like the hair dryer will do more harm than good. They cause cracks to form on the surface. On the other hand, with professional sofa cleaning services, the bulk of the moisture content is extracted from the material during the process, and the little that remains quickly dries off naturally using the normal ventilation in the room.

Rubbing the sofa – Sofa Cleaning Templeogue
Using sponges or dusters to rub the couch actually damages the pores of the leather. This causes the affected area to form a different colour compared to the rest of the seat. This will affect the aesthetic appeal of the sofa.

Avoid these risks, and get things done the right in moments, by hiring the expert leather sofa cleaning crew. Our team will come on site fully equipped to hit the ground running.


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Sofa Cleaning Templeogue


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