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Sofa Cleaning Services

  • Sofa Cleaning Services


Date : May 7, 2017

Sofa Cleaning Services

Professional sofa cleaning services can rescue a beloved sofa or chair that was passed to you by your grandma. Whether you want to prolong the life of your sofa or regular cleaning of your sofas, it is important to consult professional. Chip cramps, drinks spills, pets tracks and other debris that find their way on and in the sofa.

Homeowners are often tempted to clean their sofas without following the right procedures and most of the time end up having an irreversible damage on their sofas especially on the sensitive fabrics such as leather. It’s an inevitable fact of life whether you are a clean freak or not-sofas get dirty. Luckily, Sofa Cleaning Services come to your rescue when you need them most. Textile producers and manufacturers recommend having your sofas cleaned every 12-18 months. You do not have to wait until there is visible dirt on your seats. If you entertain on a regular basis, have kids and pets on the sofas then frequent cleaning will help clear and keep the stains at bay. it’s time to hire sofas professionals if your routine vacuuming is no longer removing embedded odors and spotting

Why you should hire sofa cleaning services

1. Fabrics are challenging to clean. Sofa fabrics are made from a range of natural and manmade fibers. Different fibers require different cleaning techniques. Silk is extremely soft, detergents with high alkaline levels may damage the material, bleach dissolves it and water stretches it. Most fabrics fall under one of the eight different categories called cleaning codes. It’s important to follow the codes to avoid stretching browning, bleaching, fading, or texture distortion. Over wetting sofa fabrics also cause harm to the sofa such as mold and mildew, zippers to rust and damage to the fabric as well. Sofa cleaning services are familiar will all these challenges and have the required experience, cleaning detergents and equipments to do the job right.

2. Stain removal. Stain removal is tricky. Using the incorrect detergent will only make the stains go deeper into the sofa fabric and make it difficult to remove later or in some cases make permanent stains. Sofa cleaning services are well versed with removal stains techniques that have resisted your efforts.

3. Sofas are expensive. Your furniture may represent a significant investment or may have been passed to you by your family members. With proper cleaning they should last to see other decades. A good and well built chair or sofa can last a decade or more and sofa cleaning services make the most of your investments. Removing stains and deeply embedded stains that can shorten the life of you sofas is what drives sofa cleaning services. Your furniture maintains its best looks and lasts longer.

4. Sofa manufactures recommend pro cleaning. It would be really sad not to get your furniture warranty due to DIY exercises that destroy your lovely sofa. Many sofa manufacturers’ warranties feature a clause that protects them if the sofa is improperly cleaned. Having sofa cleaning services is the wisest decision since cleaning them on your own may lead to great loss.

5. Saves time Cleaning your sofas thoroughly especially if you had not vacuumed for a while, it takes time, energy and effort. Buying yourself cleaning equipments an solutions can also be expensive and time consuming. It will even cost you more money if you have different types of sofa fabrics. Invest in Sofa Cleaning Services for professional and cost effective cleaning on your sofa. Value your time and invest it elsewhere.

6.experience You may have researched on how to do clean your sofas on your own, but you do not have the experience of doing it right. Sofa Cleaning Services professionals are well trained and have vast experience in dealing with all types of stains on your sofas. The only way to maintain your sofas as good as new is to hire trained personnel to take care of your furniture. There are different types of sofas such as silk, leather and micro fiber. You may not have much knowledge about the material especially in terms of maintenance. Leather sofas require maximum care when cleaning because their damage in most cases is permanent.

Tips on how to care for your leather sofa

1. Leather is sensitive to spills. As soon as any spills from drinks are made on leather sofa, ensure you clear as soon as possible. Leather is highly porous and will quickly absorb the liquids. Once the absorption happens it will be difficult to get rid of the damage done.

2. Follow instructions. Leather sofas normally come with cleaning tips and instructions. Read and understand the information to help you on which detergent to use when conditioning the sofas.

3. Leather sofas are sensitive. Many cleaning products are sensitive to even the normal cleaning soap. Before using any cleaning detergent on leather sofas or furniture ensure that they do not contain ammonia or alkaline that can damage your sofa beyond repair.

4. Use mild soap when cleaning leather furniture. Mild soaps may be kind to leather but care should be exercised even with the mild soap if you are working on brushed leather.

5.clear debris before cleaning.use a soft brush to remove any dirt and large particles that are visible on the sofa to allow the material to breath and kill ant microbes breeding ground.solid debris can easily scatch the leather when cleaning. 6.dont use abrasive pads on the leather sofa.scubbing using abrasive pards on the furniture will remove the finish that protects it and lead to damage.

Is hiring Sofa Cleaning Services worth it? Any homeowner with kids,pets or both will once on a while look for cleaners to help in maintain the integrity of their sofas.even people without pets or children once in a while have spill woul rush for a paper towel to clear stains then followed by a lot of scrubbing.scrubbing will aggrevate the issiue then people will now look for professional sofa cleaners.a minor case of a simple stain now requires professional assistance from Sofa Cleaning Services.

Is it necessary to hire Sofa Cleaning Services? Now that will depend on how much you love your sofas and how long you want them to serve you.there are plenty of over the counter products that offer short term cleaning solutions but in the end you are left with a damged sofa.if you want to really tackle the problem without furure problems and prolong the life of your sofas then hiring certified Sofa Claening Services is a must.

Sofa Cleaning Services – Professional results for less!

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