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Sofa Cleaning Services Dublin

  • Sofa Cleaning Services Dublin


Date : December 31, 2016

Sofa Cleaning Services Dublin

Hire Professional Sofa Cleaning Dublin Services

Your furniture is one of the biggest investments in your home or office. No doubt, keeping it in top condition is one of your topmost priorities. As you relax on your sofa, do you know what kind of dirt it holds? It’s got everything from shed hair and skins cells, to the crumbs from snacks you were eating as you relaxed on it watching your favourite TV show. Add dust mites, insects’ husks and faecal material, and you’ll realise your sofa can get really filthy. Some particles are just too small for you to see. In fact, when you notice the sofa changing colour, it’s in dire need for a deep clean. Perhaps your kids keep climbing your sofa with dirty feet, and it has become heavily soiled. If you have pets, then you also have to worry about the fur and dander they leave strewn all over the sofa’s fabric- in addition to the lice and fleas they may bring in from playing out in the yard. Then there are those occasions when your pet urinates on your sofa- the stains and the odour get absorbed deep into the fabric. You can trust our Sofa Cleaning Dublin to restore your items to their original condition and fresh feel.  Sofa Cleaning Services Dublin

Our Sofa Cleaning Dublin services bring back the beauty and appeal of your furniture, which gives you peace of mind. No one likes walking home to a stained sofa. You can’t comfortably relax on it when there’s a stench emanating from the fabric. Using the wrong cleaning products can even make the fabric of the sofa to shrink, yellow, or colour bleed. Working in an office with unsightly and smelly sofas is so distracting. In addition, what image will you be portraying to your clients when they walk into your office to find your sofas laden with stain patches and colour discolourations? As Sofa Cleaning Dublin professionals, we ensure that we leave your sofa in a pristine condition, enabling you to be more relaxed and feel better in a clean and neat environment. Sofa Cleaning Services Dublin

Benefits Of Our Sofa Cleaning Dublin Services

1. All round cleaning – Sofa Cleaning Services Dublin

Our Sofa Cleaning Dublin experts do it all: from removing dirt, dust and stains, to the grease and heavy soiling stuck in your sofa. We get rid of odours by eliminating them from their source. We even deodorise and protect your sofa after every cleaning. It improves the sofa’s resistance to soiling, stains and daily wear and tear. You’ll get to enjoy your sofa for longer.

We survey your sofa units to get the information required to provide a professional clean. The Sofa Cleaning Dublin process takes into account the specific construction, fibre-type, backing materials and fillers for your unit. We combine all these factor to determine the best cleaning methods and chemicals for the sofa. We eliminate the dry soiling to release any dust, sand or grit that’s hidden under the surface of the fabric, and then pre-treat and work on all the stained spots with the appropriate chemical agents. We then proceed onto the entire sofa, allowing the cleaning agents to penetrate deep into your sofa and remove any grease or oils that have adhered to the fibres. The cleaning solutions are carefully worked into the fibres to ensure the the dirt and grime is released for subsequent extraction. The extraction methods we use ensure that most of the water is removed, which results in fast dry times. In fact, your sofa can have completely dried within one hour.

2. Fully insured – Sofa Cleaning Services Dublin

All our Sofa Cleaning Dublin services are insured, so you can rest assured there is full coverage for any mishaps and incidents that may occur as we work on your sofa.

3. Proven track record – Sofa Cleaning Services Dublin

Our Sofa Cleaning Dublin services have performed numerous cleaning tasks for both commercial and residential properties. Our professionals have the experience necessary to succeed at even the toughest and dirtiest specialist sofa cleaning jobs. In addition to cleaning, we also moisturise your sofas to make them more resistant to dirt, grime and stains, which enhances the life of the material. Our customers are a satisfied lot, and have given their reviews and testimonials, which are testament to the quality of the services we deliver. Our Sofa Cleaning Dublin customer support responds fast to queries, and our phone lines are always open. You can reach us any time of day or night, whether it’s for deep cleaning tasks or there has been an emergency and you need the sofa to be cleaned up without delay.

4. Cost-friendly – Sofa Cleaning Services Dublin

Your satisfaction as our customer is our top priority. Hence, our Sofa Cleaning Dublin costs are assertive to your needs. We endeavour to provide you Sofa Cleaning Dublin services at an affordable prices. You won’t need to strain your budget to get a clean and fresh sofa. Our price list shows you what to expect, so that you can know everything you’ll be paying for beforehand. There are no impromptu costs or hidden charges for you to worry about.

5. We use eco-friendly products – Sofa Cleaning Services Dublin

All our Sofa Cleaning Dublin process are safe for Mother Nature and the indoor environment of your home or office. In addition, the cleaning solutions and techniques we employ are tough on dirt, but safe for your sofa. We come with various dry cleaning and steam-heat extraction methods, stain-treatment solutions, and even fabric protection systems to ensure that you get the best possible cleaning results every time you hire our Sofa Cleaning Dublin services.

6. Efficient tools for effective cleans – Sofa Cleaning Services Dublin

Our Sofa Cleaning Dublin professionals rely on technologically advanced equipment to clean your sofa and make it look fabulous. We use Prochem carpet cleaning machines that ensure our operations are not just skin deep. We get into the fabric and suck out all dirt and grime that is harboured there. Stains will be removed with ease, ensuring that you get professional and timely results. The fast drying is not just to save you time. It prevents mould and mildew from growing within the fabric, thus preserving the quality of the sofa.

7. Cater to both commercial and domestic clients – Sofa Cleaning Services Dublin

Our Sofa Cleaning Dublin services are available for furniture at home, in residential suites, hotels, offices, public lounging areas, clubs etc. We cover all kinds of fabric sofas- from cotton and wool, to linen and microfiber. We also clean leather sofas. We restore your sofa unit as close as possible to the original state you fell in love with, which made you buy it in the first place. You will see, smell and feel the difference in your newly cleaned sofa.

Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Professional results for less!

Sofa Cleaning Services Dublin


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