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Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning Sandymount

  • Sofa Cleaning Sandymount


Date : July 26, 2017

Sofa Cleaning Sandymount


1 seat sofa cleaning 20 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 40 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

4 seat sofa cleaning 75 euro


Professional Sofa Cleaning Services Just A Call Away

With the amount of time that is spent on the sofa, relaxing after those busty days from work, spending quality time with your kids and significant other, entertaining guests who have called on you for a visit, curling up with a novel, binge-watching those TV shows, the occasional nap, your kids and pets playing on the cushions- it`s bound to accumulate grime. Breadcrumbs, tea spills, sweat and body oils that get rubbed onto the upholstery from the skin, hair and other cosmetic products, dyes from clothes, insect faecal residue as the little creatures come to feed on the food crumbs left behind in the cushions, dust mites gorging themselves on the mounds of skin flakes deposited by people who were using the sofa, all through to everyday dust settling onto the upholstery from the air above- they need to be got rid of. The decaying organic matter causes odours to develop, which make the sofa uncomfortable to use, and ruin the decor as they permeate across the room. Get things back in line using quality sofa cleaning services.

Our domestic sofa cleaning services are available across the scope. Be it a tuxedo sofa with leather upholstery, wing chairs used in fireplaces- where the “wings” that are on the sides are designed to protect the head from drafts, chaise lounges where you can put up your feet on it, the daybeds and futons that can alternatively be used as beds- which is quite beneficial when you`re having overnight guests and there isn`t enough room for extra beds to be set up, plus the chesterfield sofas that can adopt a club- arm- or wing-chair style, or the camelback sofa that was popularised in the 1700s by families which wanted formal, aristocratic furniture for their residences, cabriole sofas where the back is designed as one continuous piece with an elegant curving line and comes without cushions, the Lawson sofa which has cushions and they’re loose, or the English roll arm sofa where the back cushions are firmly in place, our highly trained and experienced personnel will attend to your particular upholstery cleaning needs.


Sofa Cleaning Sandymount


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