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Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning Rathfarnham

  • Sofa Cleaning Rathfarnham


Date : June 18, 2017

Sofa Cleaning Rathfarnham


1 seat sofa cleaning 20 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 40 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

4 seat sofa cleaning 75 euro


Sofa Cleaning Rathfarnham – Same prices apply to leather sofa cleaning & fabric sofa cleaning


Grime In The Sofa Putting The Health Of Your Loved Ones At Risk

As the soiling building up in the sofa deteriorates its aesthetic appeal, it also poses a threat to the persons using it. This is from agents such as:

– Bacteria – Sofa Cleaning Rathfarnham
The decaying organic matter- from food particles strewn all over the cushions to pet fur and dander, sustains colonies of bacteria. Items that end up on the furniture increase these populations. Take the handbag for instance. It goes everywhere, from the public buses, the office desk, public restrooms, the park, and anywhere else you visit during your day-to-day activities. During the course of this activities, it picks up microbes due to the soft nature of the material. Add to this the residue from snacks, money, phones and other substances carried in it. Handbags can have over 10,000 different bacteria on just a few square centimetres of material. It is estimated that 1 in every 5 handbags carries enough bacteria to pose a sufficient health risk. When you get home and toss the handbag onto the sofa, some of the microbes get transferred onto the upholstery. Then there are items like remote controllers that are germ breeding grounds, and tend to frequently “get lost” in the cushions of the sofa, depositing some of the microbes. These pathogens add to the health risks to your family members as they lounge back on the sofa.

– Allergens  – Sofa Cleaning Rathfarnham
These are the likes of dust mite waste, dust particles carried into the building on people clothes or under the paws of your pet, getting deposited onto the sofa, pet fur and dander, fungal spores, and even pollen grains. These cause reactions ranging from coughing, sneezing, having a runny nose, clogged lungs, and trigger asthma attacks in affected persons. For those with existing conditions such as bronchitis, the allergens exacerbate the situation. These are not the conditions you want to live in. Enhance the health standards in your household by scheduling regular sofa cleaning sessions.

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Sofa Cleaning Rathfarnham

Sofa Cleaning Rathfarnham


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