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Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning Milltown

  • Sofa Cleaning Milltown


Date : December 30, 2016

Sofa Cleaning Milltown


1 seat sofa cleaning 20 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 40 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

4 seat sofa cleaning 75 euro


How A Dirty Sofa Affects Your Health – Sofa Cleaning Milltown

As grime builds up on the sofa, it poses a health risk to persons using it. This is from substances such as:


– Dust mite waste – Sofa Cleaning Milltown
Feeding on the shower of skin flakes being shed by the persons using the sofa is a horde of dust mites. These are in their millions, with the warm conditions within the sofa providing suitable conditions for them to thrive. As the mites feed on the skin flakes, they produce faecal residue that is the actual problem. These pellets contain protein compounds that trigger reactions once inhaled or on the skin for sensitive persons. This results in symptoms such as a runny nose, hay fever, clogged lungs, itchiness and inflamed eczema. Those who are very sensitive will have red and itchy bumps forming on their skin the moment they settle on the sofa.

– Pet fur and dander – Sofa Cleaning Milltown
Those with cats and dogs can attest how much the pets love napping on the cosy sofa. As they sleep and hop around on the cushions, they leave behind piles of fur which annoyingly keep sticking to clothes. However, that’s the least of your troubles. The dander itself is an allergen. Some parts of the upholstery get so concentrated with the dander that you`d get a more severe reaction simply lying on them compared to going right ahead and burying your face in the animal’s fur. These and other allergens are removed from the furniture during the sofa cleaning.

– Germs – Sofa Cleaning Milltown
Then there are the pathogens themselves. Bacteria on the sofa come from all sorts of sources. For starters, there are those microbes feeding on the decaying organic matter deposited within the fibres of the upholstery. Add to these the items that keep being placed on the sofa, from the childrens toys that can be up to 1.5 times dirtier than the toilet, or the gaming controller that clocks over 7800 bacteria on every 15 square inches- which is in fact 5 times higher than the typical toilet. The remote controller, handbag carrying in microbes from the outside- the colonies of the pathogens increase, necessitating the need for routine sofa cleaning. Sofa Cleaning Milltown


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Sofa Cleaning Milltown

Sofa Cleaning Milltown


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