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Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning Leixlip

  • Sofa Cleaning Leixlip


Date : January 10, 2018

Sofa Cleaning Leixlip


1 seat sofa cleaning 20 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 40 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

4 seat sofa cleaning 75 euro


Leather Sofa Cleaning & Fabric Sofa Cleaning – Sofa Cleaning Leixlip


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Call In The Professionals To Solve Your Sofa’s Stain Problems – Sofa Cleaning Leixlip

Stains are a part of life, and they are bound to occur on the different surfaces in the home. The sofa is no exception. In fact, since it is one of the most frequently used set of furniture in the household, the rates of it getting stained are higher. The stains include:

Food and drink spills – Sofa Cleaning Leixlip
Those meals enjoyed while relaxing on the cosy sofa result in the occasional spills and smudges forming. Spaghetti, mustard, grease from that fast food or pizza that you had ordered over, ketchup and other sauces that wind up on the furniture, coffee and tea stains, fresh juice and red wine, soda and milk- these substances form stains that set deep into the material, and a thorough sofa cleaning is needed to get rid of them.

Urine – Sofa Cleaning Leixlip
With toddlers or pets in the house, pee occasionally happens. Perhaps the toddler was sleeping on the cosy cushions and while in that deep sleep ended up wetting their pants, some of which got transferred onto the sofa. It’s expected that sometimes as the little ones slumber they don`t find the need to get up and use the potty. Urine stains can also be caused by cats or dogs in the residence that couldn`t wait for the walk outside to relieve themselves. Whichever the case, it’s annoying and you can end up feeling like it has ruined your favourite sofa. The odours that are generated don’t make it any easier. Don`t fret. Our sofa cleaning team will treat the affected spots, and the products used also have odour neutralising properties, leaving behind a fresh fragrance.

Water  – Sofa Cleaning Leixlip
When water stains form on the sofa, they make it look dingy. They can be anything from little rings formed under the bottom of soggy glasses that had been kept on the sofa arm, or patterns of large circles when there are copious amounts of water that have been spilled onto the sofa.


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Sofa Cleaning Leixlip

Sofa Cleaning Leixlip


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