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Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning Donaghmede

  • Sofa Cleaning Donaghmede


Date : June 12, 2017

Sofa Cleaning Donaghmede


1 seat sofa cleaning 20 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 40 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

4 seat sofa cleaning 75 euro

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Most Common Sofa Stains – Sofa Cleaning Donaghmede

Are you grappling with stains that have riddled your favourite sofa? You`re not alone. Numerous home owners find themselves being forced to deal with unsightly patches that have formed on their furniture. Common sources of these stains include:

Drink spills – Sofa Cleaning Donaghmede
They’re numerous. From Coke, Pepsi, 7 Up, and RC Cola, all through to Sprite, Orange Soda or even Mug Root Beer- they can get spilled onto the cushions, and leave behind stains. The different drinks are for the most part composed of similar components, including water, sugaring additives, carbon dioxide and some have colouring agents. Depending on the material of the sofa, plus the protective measures applied to it, the stains can seep deep into the material. A thorough sofa cleaning will be needed to get rid of them.

Red wine – Sofa Cleaning Donaghmede
In case you or your guests have got too comfortable and lethargic while resting on the sofa, glass in hand, or you were excited and made vigorous hand gestures that spilled some, it`s frustrating watching that spill spread out and turn into a stain. While other beverages have colour additives, that of red wine is completely natural. The wines contain chromogens, which are the substances in colourful plants used for dyes. Add to this the tannins in its composition, which are also naturally occurring. This makes red wine stains particularly stubborn to remove. Don`t fret. Our upholstery cleaning specialists are here for you.

Food -Sofa Cleaning Donaghmede
As you and your family members, guess plus other persons enjoy meals while seated on the sofa, some material may accidentally end up on the cushions. Oil from the food itself, smudges from ketchup and other sauces- they all make a mess. What`s more, this kind of grime is sticky. It traps dust particles, increasing the level of soiling. Getting rid of it with a thorough sofa cleaning will enable you to restore the beauty to your set.


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Sofa Cleaning Donaghmede

Sofa Cleaning Donaghmede


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