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Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning Baldoyle

  • Sofa Cleaning Baldoyle


Date : September 3, 2016

Sofa Cleaning Baldoyle


1 seat sofa cleaning 20 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 40 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

4 seat sofa cleaning 75 euro

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Sofa Cleaning: The Red Wine Stain Problem  – Sofa Cleaning Baldoyle

Sofas, just like any other surface in the household, are bound to get soiled over time. Food and drink spills end up forming unsightly stains, that ruin the appeal of your set. Red wine in particular has been a stubborn problem for multiple homeowners. It starts out at the initial spill. Perhaps you were enjoying a late-night conversation with your date, curled up snuggly together on the sofa, and one’s grip on the wine glass loosened, splashing the drink onto the cushions. You may have got too comfortable on the cosy cushions, and drifted off to slip with the glass in-hand, and it spilled, pouring the wine all over the set. Perhaps your guests were too excited deliberating on a current-event topic, and were making vigorous hand gestures and some glasses got accidentally knocked over. Whichever the case, the end result in a red spot on your furniture, which you want removed. Grabbing conventional household cleaners and getting down to scrub it off proves futile, as the stain may set deeper into the sofa, worsening the state of things. Why are the red wine stains cumbersome? Sofa Cleaning Baldoyle

For starters, as is with all liquids that get spilled onto the sofa, it gets immersed into the fabric’s pores, moving in two directions: down and outward. The speed at which this happens will also depend on how porous the material is, and whether or not it has protective agents incorporated into its structure. Then there is the composition of the red wine itself. Unlike many of the other drinks, colour of this grape-based beverage is completely natural. It contains chromogens, which are the primary substance in many of the colourful plants which are responsible for dyes. It also contains tannins- the organic ingredient used in the ink-production process. Combine those two and you have an incredibly annoying stain that thwarts numerous cleaning efforts. However, this isn’t the fate of your set. The professional sofa cleaning crew come with products that have been specially formulated to tackle red wine stains, getting rid of them with ease. Sofa Cleaning Baldoyle

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Sofa Cleaning Baldoyle

Sofa Cleaning Baldoyle


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