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Shift Kitchen Degreaser

  • Shift Kitchen Degreaser


Date : July 5, 2016

Shift Kitchen Degreaser

Shift Kitchen Degreaser Review

With all the activity that goes on in the kitchen, messes are bound to happen. It’s where you prepare your family meals at home- quite literally being the busiest room in the house, all through to hospitality venues like hotels, health centres from hospitals to nursing homes, and it’s the very heartbeat of food joints like restaurants. Even educational institutions have their cafeterias. As long as there are people, they need to be fed. And as long as food is being prepared, there will be grease and grime to worry about. These range from dried-on food on your appliances, splatters that escaped the pan and ended up on the floor, or even those molecules that evaporates as you were cooking, and ended up sedimenting on the walls of the kitchen. Tales of soaking pots in cleaning solutions for the night only to spend hours scrubbing away at the greasy residue without making a dent are common. It’s a hectic effort, seeing that conventional cleaning products are simply not up to the task of tackling the grease problem. In commercial establishments, you don’t want your operations grinding to a halt because of the bottleneck the kitchen, where the appliances are not getting cleaned fast enough. Even at home, you’re already tired from your daily activities at work, and coming home to deal with loads of grease on the surfaces of your kitchen that won’t go away is not how you want to spend your free time. You want a product that is especially designed for the task. That’s where the Shift Kitchen Degreaser comes in.

Different factors come into play when carrying out the degreasing. First, you want a product that makes the task easier. After all, those hours of heavy scrubbing are nothing to smile about. Secondly, since the areas being worked on are food preparation zones, you don’t want substances that can lead to contamination of the meals that you’ll be serving your family at home, kids at school, or the customers in your business premises. Then there is the issue of the surfaces themselves. You don’t want reactions that can corrode the material and lead to heavy losses since more funds will be needed to reverse the effects. For instance, accidental discolouring of your painted walls would mean that new coats will have to be applied. Get rid of the grease and protect your investment by turning to the Shift Kitchen Degreaser.

Reasons Invest In The Shift Kitchen Degreaser

1. Superior degreasing agent

The Shift Kitchen Degreaser comes with the power needed to get rid of that stuck-on grime and grease splatters that have built up over time in your kitchen. For instance, you can have fat and grease spitting from your frying pan and landing on the floor, forming stains that take away its charm. From the wood cabinets, tiled backsplashes, countertops, and painted walls, you get to restore the beauty and elegance to your surfaces. Even that layer of grease that has developed behind your gas oven is easily taken care of. The Shift Kitchen Degreaser cuts through the residue, making it easy for it to be wiped off the surface. That way you won’t stay hunched on it scrubbing away for hours. Made in Ireland, the Shift Kitchen Degreaser is popular in both domestic and commercial kitchens. You get to prepare your meals at home in an environment that’s sparkling, getting those creative juices flowing as you spice up the recipes, and also avoid lawsuits and loss of revenue from customers who see the messy floors from grease in your food service business.

2. Versatile

The Shift Kitchen Degreaser can clean the different kinds of surfaces- from plastics and chrome, to those that have been painted and also stainless steel surfaces. You get to work on the floors and walls, all up to the ceiling of your kitchen, getting rid of the grease wherever it may have built up. This makes the Shift Kitchen Degreaser an all-round solution for both daily maintenance and heavy duty cleaning in your establishment.

3. Safe for use

When it comes to food handling areas, you want to be sure that the products you use do not put the meals you prepare at risk. You won’t have to worry about that with the Shift Kitchen Degreaser. It has been specially designed for use in kitchens at home all through to food processing industries. There are no chemical residues that will affect the meals being prepared. In fact, by getting rid of the grease, it enhances the efficiency of the cooking, and prevents hazards that result from the residue that builds up over time. There are also no toxic fumes to worry about.

4. Cost friendly

The Shift Kitchen Degreaser enables you to carry out your cleaning program while making savings in various ways. For starters, its affordable price tag is favourable for your wallet right from the onset. Secondly, the Shift Kitchen Degreaser is a highly concentrated product. It is diluted during every degreasing session, meaning that each unit you purchase gets to serve you for longer. Preserving the elegance and functionality of the surfaces being cleaned also enables you to avoid costly repairs later on.

How To Use The Shift Kitchen Degreaser

The Shift Kitchen Degreaser has a straightforward application. Different method of approach can be used, with the most popular being a spray and wipe system. Follow these steps to get rid of the dirt and grime:

1. Dilute the Shift Kitchen Degreaser. The specific dilution ratio depends on the level of soiling. For daily maintenance, you can use a 1:100 ratio (like 10ml of Shift Kitchen Degreaser with 1L of water), or 1:80. Increase the concentration as the level of soiling increases. Medium dirty kitchens can go for 1:25, and as high as 1:10. When it comes to heavy duty kitchen cleaning, a dilution ratio of 1:5 can be used.

2. Spray the Shift Kitchen Degreaser onto the surface.

3. Scrub the surface to agitate the soiling and then wipe it off.

4. Rinse

It is recommended that you wear a pair of latex or nitrile gloves when working with the Shift Kitchen Degreaser. Also ensure that the area is well ventilated.

Tips For Using The Shift Kitchen Degreaser

Dilute the Shift Kitchen Degreaser with hot water to increase the efficacy of the process

Pre-spray commercial kitchens for at least 5 minutes before scrubbing.


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