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Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning Dublin

  • Residential Carpet Cleaning Dublin


Date : April 6, 2017


Expert Carpet Cleaning Services You Can Trust

Carpet cleaning is not a walk in the park, especially if you opt to go the DIY route. For starters, you have to identify the particular products that are suitable for the material of your carpet. Those All Purpose cleaners that work wonders around the rest of the house can lead to detrimental results when used on your carpet. At best, they’ll simply not remove the stains. At worst, they will actually lock it in, creating a permanent patch on the carpet. The harsh nature of the cleaning products can also cause the colour of the carpet itself to fade. It won’t look the same again unless you restore the colour, which is essentially impossible so you end up having to either endure the distortion, or haul off the carpet and get a new one. There are also household cleaning detergents that have high foam levels. These leave behind residue, that unless it’s effectively rinsed out, it’ll get darker faster as dirt sticks to it. Basically, you’ll have ended up with patches on the carpet that are dirt magnets. Then there are the hidden dangers of the machines that are rented from the DIY stores. They are small for a reason: portability. If they were large, you won’t be able to fit them into the family car and take home. However, this means that to reduce the size, smaller motors, pumps and similar components are used. This results in massive differences compared to the industrial grade and truck mounted systems that the professionals use. The power limits with the small machines means reduced performance across the scope, from the water heating and pressure provided, all through to the vacuum capacity. You end up spending more time slogging away at the carpet, and still wind up with unsatisfactory results. You don’t want that to be the case. Hiring the professional carpet cleaning Dublin services will enable you to get quality results each time.

Why You Should Get Our Carpet Cleaned Professionally

Green cleaning

Our personnel employ eco-friendly cleaning processes to restore the beauty to your carpet. Hot water extraction systems get to the soiling that’s imbedded deep into the carpet, bringing it to the surface to be whisked away. The cleaning solutions used adhere to the stringent EU regulations on sustainability, and are safe to use around your kids and pets. The deep clean ensures that the different kinds of dirt are actually removed from the carpet, ranging from the organic material like waste from microbes such as mites, to insects like cockroaches and rodents like mice, food smudges, skin flakes, all through to pet dander, and even inorganic waste such as the lead particles, insecticide compounds tracked into the premises, and cigarette smoke particles that get tapped in the carpet’s fibres. The suction that is used to remove the mixture of gunk and cleaning solution from the carpet is so effective that it cuts down the drying time to mere hours, thus you won’t have to worry about being forced to seal off the area for days, or issues such as growth of fungi popping up.

Adhering to professional standards

Getting quality machinery is one thing, using it skillfully is another. Our carpet cleaning Dublin crew do them both. Having been in the business for years, and also thoroughly trained in the industry best practices, they apply the most suitable techniques for your particular situation, giving it a thorough wash and providing the quality of results you expect. With us, it’s also all-rounded approach. We want to get your carpet cleaned, and ensure that you enjoy the services. The friendly crew will be on site in time, and will address your various carpet care needs, even offering advice on steps that you can personally take in your establishment to ensure the longevity of your investment.



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