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Power Washing Company

  • Power Washing Company


Date : September 22, 2017

Power Washing Company

Power washing companies are you looking for more quality work? Do you need better quality contracts? Join and you will get busy.

Power washing your drive way, car park, your stone wall, your stairs etc. is the most eco friendly type of cleaning. Water under high pressure and nothing else. Out there you will find two types of power washing companies, domestic power washing services and commercial power washing services. Many power washing companies carry their own source of water.

Commercial Power Washing Services

There are many commercial power washing companies registered with . A commercial power washing company will deal will all aspects of industrial power washing. What will that cover? Power washing of industrial plants , power washing warehouses walls & floor , power washing car parks , power washing huge changing rooms , power washing external brick work and graffiti removal etc. Most of the commercial power washing companies are based in the main cities but you can find contractors in the more remote areas as well. There are a few types of commercial power washing services, hot water power washing services, cold water power washing services and steam power washing services. In the pharmaceutical companies steam usage is more likely. Hot water power is used mainly for heavy soiled areas or chemical removal jobs. Commercial power washing jobs are being priced per square metre/foot and the price will be decided by the location of the job, the difficulty level and water access. Commercial power washing jobs in Dublin seem to cost about 30% more than the rest of the country due to higher office costs and other factors. There are a few companies that will do emergency power washing services usually within 1 hour from the first call but it will have a premium added to it. Let`s say you own a big shop in a nice location and when you turn up for work you will find your shop covered in graffiti. One call and a great team of tradesmen will be on their way. Graffiti removal depending on the surface where it was sprayed it can be removed 100% or 90%. A good commercial power washing company will be able to advise you before starting the job and if you are happy with the quotation and the estimated results you can decide if you want the job done. There will be a minimum order. Domestic Power Washing Services

Power Washing Company

Many power washing companies stick with the domestic market. They do more jobs at smaller prices but with fast payment. What can a domestic power washing company do for you? They can power wash your driveway, your footpaths, your walls, your car or any other thing that can be power washed. A standard driveway should cost anything from 70 up but some power washing companies charge a flat daily rate plus the fuel. You should ask your neighbours for permission before you book any job because some power washing companies use diesel and those machines can be very noisy. Having a garden tap could also save you about 10% on pricing.

Power Washing Company

Power washing companies are usually fully insured but it will be your own benefit to ask for a copy of their cert. A power washing plant can do a great job but it can also do a lot of damage if is misused. No serious power washing company will have an issue with providing you with a copy of their insurance. Cash deals are not recommended because you want to be protected by the normal laws in the case of an incident. Remember, if a price is way less than you have expected you should be suspicious. Any power washing company is out there to make money and to make you happy. They have expenses and doing legal business is not cheap. The minimum call out charge is there to make sure that the power washing contractors do not lose money. Coming to your home will incur expenses like diesel, salaries etc and the minute they left their base the clock is ticking. Pay the fair price and you will receive a great service.


Power Washing Company Quotations

It is highly recommended that you provide the right information when you make the call. A tiny job in your eye can be a big job in their eyes. If they provide estimates over the phone you need to understand that the price can change if the job is not as described.

Do a search on for whatever type of power washing service you might be interested in and you will find a great range of contractors. Remember, if you are happy with the work rate the tradesman.

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Power Washing Company


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