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  • Oven Cleaning


Date : January 10, 2017

Oven Cleaning

Oven cleaning services are something that all of us will need it at some point. Doing this job yourself can be very time consuming not to mention labour intensive and can end up costing you twice as much than if you hired a professional oven cleaning company. With prices starting from 50 to 120 per standard size oven there is no reason to get your hands dirty. Oven cleaning prices can vary from one area to the other. Location, size and the condition of the oven will decide the final price. Steam cleaning can be an effective oven cleaning method for light dirt and grease but for the majority of ovens with burnt on dirt, grease and grime chemical treatment will be required to get the best results. There is a great range of oven cleaning companies that do business all over Ireland. The prices are not that expensive for the work that this type of cleaning requires. There are some diy oven cleaning products on the market which can be very effective if you regularly clean your oven but if you have allowed grease and carbon deposits to build up your oven will be in a condition that will require stronger chemicals and professional treatment. Domestic oven cleaning services: From our market research it looks like it will cost between 50 and 120 for oven cleaning. The prices can vary from one area to another but the companies that operate are very professional and they have great references. It is up to you to check out their references. Here is a list of things you should ask your oven cleaning company: -are you insured? (strong chemicals can damage your oven) -do you have any reviews/references? -are you vat registered? -do you provide written quotations? (prices can change very easily so ask for an email quotation, not an estimate but to ensure an accurate quotation full details about the size and condition of the oven should be given) If your oven cleaning contractor can say yes to all those questions then you are good to go. Never pay cash in hand for any job. If things go wrong then you will have no case.

Commercial oven cleaning: There are a few companies that offer commercial oven cleaning services. Cleaning commercial ovens is a bit more complex than domestic. There are no standard prices and the cost can vary big time. If you are interested in getting your commercial oven cleaned make sure you agree a fixed price before the job is started. We recommend that you never pay up front for oven cleaning services and you should wait and see if the results are as good as advertised. Oven cleaning companies: Advertising by yourself can be very costly. Being part of a group of oven cleaning companies and having us advertising for you will greatly benefit your business and help to keep your advertising costs down. Our business directory will advertise in many ways but we will fight for the first position for oven cleaning in Ireland. As you are well aware, customers will look for at least 3 quotations. Those 3 quotations can come from one website. So if you want to increase your business you should be registered with us. We will keep you busy. SEO companies will charge you 500 per month with no guaranteed results. will offer you a deal you can`t refuse. Oven cleaning customers: Just go to our search box and do a search for oven cleaning companies. Get 3 estimates and pick the best. The prices shouldn’t be all that matter. Any good oven cleaning contractor should have a good website with a great description. If you are allergic to chemicals then ask for steam cleaning. When should you get your oven cleaned? The easiest answer is when it gets dirty. If you cook a lot and you do not regularly clean your oven you will notice a build up of grease and carbon deposits, this will be cooked and burnt over and over again. These carbon deposits can create smoke in your oven and will leave a slightly burnt taste on your food. If the fire alarm goes off when you open the oven then you are definitely ready for cleaning! Not cleaning your oven when it gets dirty can affect the quality of your food. Should my oven cleaning company be VAT registered? Not necessarily. Small family businesses can be as efficient as big companies. Being smaller doesn`t mean that they provide a lower quality service. They prefer to work locally and stay small. To keep your oven cleaning costs down try to source a local company. The further they have to drive the more it will cost you. They have to make profits so do not be mean, it can end up costing you more money in the long run and it could poison your family by using cheap chemicals. Pay the fair price and enjoy a good service. [oven cleaning , oven cleaning services , oven cleaning company , kitchen cleaning , oven cleaning]


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