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Office Cleaning Dublin

  • Office Cleaning Dublin


Date : August 8, 2017

Office Cleaning Dublin

Dublin Office Cleaning has a different approach to office cleaning. A lot of companies scramble to land big contracts with large multinational corporations but we are not in the market for these types of office cleaning jobs. We like to offer our customers a personal office cleaning service, specially designed for their own needs. We have a dedicated free phone line open 24/7 so our customers can reach us. Life is not a computer program so things can always go wrong. But working with you will find that any emergency can be dealt with easily and with no fuss. We value our cleaners, in our company everyone is important, we all work together to make sure we provide an excellent office cleaning service. Our workers are happy and motivated and are keen to provide the best possible service. Our office cleaning prices: All our regular office cleaning jobs are priced per hour. The hourly rate stays more or less the same over the years. In the event of a small increase due to either an increase in the minimum wage, vat increase or when the service is more demanding, advance notice will be given. Normal hours office cleaning jobs are all priced the same but the location of the job and the access to the job can add to the cost. Ex: an office cleaning job in Dalkey will usually cost a bit more because there is a limited bus service to that area and the Dart is very expensive. Also, overnight office cleaning services can cost a bit more depending on the location. What is included in our office cleaning hourly rate: -the cleaner -the hover -all the cleaning products required -insurance -safety statement We can also provide additional services like: -hand soap -toilet paper -black bags -dishwasher detergent -other cleaning products -external window cleaning -carpet cleaning -floor polishing All our office cleaning services are fully insured and highly recommended. Our company invoices once per month and then we can offer 30 days credit. No complicated system. Any issues or enquires you can contact us at 014440146 or 1800 848 700. Our office cleaning products: Dublin Office Cleaning uses Evans brand cleaning products only. We don’t cut corners and we only use the best. If you are interested in any of the safety data sheets for cleaning products used by us you can get it from: or you can contact us and we will provide it to you. Our Office Cleaning Services: Dublin Office Cleaning provides two types of office cleaning services: Once Off Office Cleaning: We provide this type of office cleaning to builders after finishing building/renovation work or to offices after having building/renovation work done. We have a few gangs of office cleaning specialists that will have your office spotless in no time. We will arrive at your location fully equipped to tackle any type of office cleaning job and no area will be left untouched. We will not be late so you do not need to worry and we will finish the job as agreed. All you have to do is to prepare the cheque at the end of the job. We cover the entire County of Dublin and for bigger once off office cleaning jobs we will travel outside Dublin also. We provide online bookings facilities for all our office cleaning jobs so you don’t even need to call us.

Regular Office Cleaning: Dublin Office Cleaning provides quality regular office cleaning services in Dublin. We work with schools, pubs, restaurants, state owned buildings, private businesses, surgeries, doctors, gyms, shops, builders, estate agents etc. Our services are available to all industries. Over the years we have found that office cleaning is unpredictable and we need to be prepared to adapt to any requirements. We have customers that want only one window cleaned each week, small window, 6th floor, a group of people need to be in place to do that job, but we don’t question. Some people want only one type of toilet paper. Some people want their floor washed with x or z chemical from America. We always try to adapt. Working with Dublin Office Cleaning is a pleasure and we will prove it to you. No matter what office cleaning requirements you might have, call us today and we will work out a deal you cannot refuse. We do not sign any contracts so you are free to let us go at any time if you think there is better value for you out there. Working with us you will not be just a number, you will be a customer. A respected one. Call us now at 014304313 and tell us what you need.

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