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Odour Neutralisers & Air Fresheners

  • Odour Neutralisers & Air Fresheners


Date : May 17, 2018

Odour Neutralisers & Air Fresheners

Air Fresheners & Odour Neutralisers

Most people will use air fresheners and odour neutralisers at some point or another. We all have kids and pets and accidents are waiting to happen at all times. Many people are putting up with very bad odours for years because they don`t know that there are products designed to get rid of bad odours in seconds.

Odour Neutralisers & Air Fresheners

If the bad odour is not permanent but is caused by accident, you can use a very strong air freshener and the odour will be gone. But if the reason of the bad odour is urine, damp, faeces, pets, old smoke, fire, etc, you will need to use odour neutralisers. Most types of air fresheners will only mask the bad odour while odour neutralisers will find the source of the odour and it will get rid of it.

Odour Neutralisers & Air Fresheners sells a wide range of air fresheners and odour neutralisers. We have a specific product for any type of bad smell. We sell tend of types of air fresheners and tens of types of odour neutralisers. Some of our odour neutraliser can be used for domestic and commercial odour treatments while some of our odour neutralisers are for the commercial market only.

Odour Neutralisers & Air Fresheners

Most of our air fresheners are highly concentrated and it will require dilution before using it. Call us now and tell us more about your project and let us provide you with the best option for your job. sells the whole range of Craftex odour neutralisers and Evans air fresheners. Our products are designed for fast and permanent acting. We will not mask the bad odour but we will help you get rid of it.

Odour Neutralisers & Air Fresheners

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