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Mystrol Multi Purpose Cleaner

  • Mystrol Multi Purpose Cleaner


Date : February 14, 2018

Mystrol Multi Purpose Cleaner

Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner Review

You don’t need to stockpile dozens of cleaning solutions in your cabinet. You can get one product to carry out all their tasks. The convenience of being able to use a cleaning product on all the surfaces in your home is highly sought after. One product that can remove the grease and grape juice stains from your kitchen countertops, and wash away the soap scum on your bathroom walls and shower doors. It doesn’t come as a surprise, then, that all-purpose cleaners are some of the most popular cleaning products in the market today. The Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner is renowned and stands out from all the rest.

It’s not just about the convenience and the reduced need for storage space. With an all-purpose cleaner, you need not worry about using the wrong cleaner for the wrong surface. Since the Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner works across the scope, simply spray and wipe or mop.

Benefits Of The Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner

1. Heavy duty cleaner – Mystrol Multi Purpose Cleaner

You can use the Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner for deep cleaning and damp mopping. It cuts through grease and grime without leaving streaks. Whether you have dirty tile grout, BBQ sauce on your kitchen countertop or stove, vinyl window with grass stains, your dogs and cats have caused urine stains, someone tracked in mud under their shoes, or your bird cage is covered in goo, the Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner will restore the clean and hygienic look and feel you desire. It’ll work for spot treatments, and is very effective with a spray on-wipe off system. The Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner will eliminate pet stains, food, coffee and juice spills, adhesives and also nail varnish or lipstick that has stained the surfaces. You can use it anywhere from walls and floors, to ceilings, sinks, and drains, to pots, pans and even greasy tools. Aluminium rain gutters will be sparkling after you wash them using the Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner. Use it to remove engine-oil stains from your T-shirt after servicing your car, and remove ink from car paint. It’s so effective that it’s used by home owners and cleaning companies to work on residential and commercial properties, including cleaning newly constructed buildings.

2. Works on all washable surfaces – Mystrol Multi Purpose Cleaner

It works on different kinds of surfaces, from concrete, marble, linoleum, vinyl, rubber and even painted surfaces. It also cleans laminate and stainless steel, sealed granite countertops, chrome, cooktop hoods, sinks plus toilets. You can even use the Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner as a carpet pre-treatment spray before you shampoo it.

3. Comes with a fragrance – Mystrol Multi Purpose Cleaner

You get to enjoy the aroma as you work. The Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner leaves your surfaces with a refreshing lemon scent.

4. Cost effective – Mystrol Multi Purpose Cleaner

The 5L Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner is concentrated, and only a small amount is needed for every cleaning session. This enables you to control the amount of cleaner you use, reducing wastage and giving you more value for money. Simply dilute and wash the surface. The Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner also comes in a ready-to-use 750ml trigger spray bottle. By buying the large 5L container, you’ll have enough product to refill your spray bottles for months of cleaning. On top of that, the Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner is affordable, giving you more bang for your buck.

5. Easy to use – Mystrol Multi Purpose Cleaner – Mystrol Multi Purpose Cleaner

The Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner spray bottle is designed to make the cleaning process a breeze. First, it has powerful cleaning agents that do the heavy lifting for you. They break down the dirt and grime, making it easier for them to be wiped/mopped away. This reduces the amount of time and energy you’ll be spending cleaning the surfaces. The finger indentations give you good grip, and the trigger handle fits comfortably into your hands.

How To Use The Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner

Prepare the cleaning solution. The Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner comes highly concentrated, so you’ll first need to dilute it. Here are the dilution ratios:

When cleaning heavy soiling and grease, use a 1:50 ratio (1 part Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner, 50 parts water- like 100ml of product for 5 litres of water)

Mystrol Multi Purpose Cleaner


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