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  • Microwave For Sale


Date : February 26, 2018

Microwave for Sale

Who has microwaves for sale? Who buys microwaves online? Many people. A great way of saving cash if you are a student or a person who does not yet own their own property is to buy slightly used kitchen equipment. In this category can be included professional microwaves that can cost hundreds of euro if bought new. Doing a search for microwave for sale on you will realise that you can find new or nearly new microwaves for sale at a fraction of their original prices. Microwaves are made to last and the technology hasn’t changed so much in the past few years. A microwave made 10 years ago does more or less the same job like a brand new one.

Microwave for Sale How Much?

Excluding commercial professional microwaves, any other type of microwave should cost less than 50% of its original price. A microwave oven that used to cost 350 a few years ago should sell for about 100 . If it is slightly damaged the price can go down another 50 . If you post an add for microwave for sale it is very important to ask for the fair price. Asking more than it is worth will put people off.

Microwave for Sale How to Sell

Write a nice story, add your location, add few photos and specify if you deliver. Ads with no photos will not sell. If it is a good brand make sure you mention it. Do not accept cheques for your items. Buying or selling a microwave cannot be easier. Just create an account with and let us do the hard work. We will advertise your products all over the internet, newspapers and media.

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