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Marmoleum Floor Cleaning Dublin

  • Marmoleum Floor Cleaning Dublin


Date : September 24, 2016

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning Dublin

Marmoleum flooring was the replacement for the old vinyl floors. Marmoleum floors are 100% eco friendly and come in so many designs and colours. The educational system has adopted marmoleum flooring and most of the new school builds are fully fitted with marmoleum floors. Dublin Marmoleum Floor Cleaning is one of the main providers of marmoleum floor cleaning and sealing services. Our services are in high demand and the quality of our work plus the affordable pricing has put us at the top of the list. How do we clean marmoleum floors?

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning Dublin

Unfortunately most of the newly built schools and other public offices do not use the correct maintenance techniques and they do not clean and seal their marmoleum floors as they should. Unlike the vinyl floor, marmoleum floors break very easily and can stain very easily. The floor itself is just a base and on the top of it you have to build a protective coat of sealant. Up to 5 coats of sealant will build a few mm protective coat and when people walk on the floors they don’t actually touch the floor, they walk on the sealant. So there will be no damage done to the floor. Once or twice per year, depending on traffic, the floor has to be stripped and a new sealant applied. If this process is repeated every year you will have nice and clean floor for many years to come.

Dublin Marmoleum Floor Cleaning ( has years of experience in stripping and re sealing marmoleum floors. We will only use top of the range sealants and polishes. Our fully trained specialists will work with you and they will teach you how to maintain your floors and what to use and not to use on your floors. Marmoleum floor cleaning is not as easy as it looks and attempting to do it yourself without the knowledge will result in permanent damage to your floors. Let the specialists do the work.

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning & Sealing Pricing

Depending on the condition of the floor and the size of it the price can vary. Some customers are using all the wrong cleaning products for years and they don’t buff their floors for years so when we are called in and asked to fix the floors, the work required could be huge. Coats and coats of sealant being applied on a weekly base will not make your floors look well, it will catch all the dirt between the coats of sealant. The prices for stripping marmoleum floors start from about 2 per m2 and it can go up to 10 per m2. Badly damaged marmoleum floors will require special treatments and much more attention. If a job is very small it can work out very expensive. A 10 square meter job can take 5 hours to do. As much as a 50 sq meter. So it will cost more or less the same. Contact us today with your marmoleum floor cleaning & sealing requirements and we will provide you with a free no obligation estimate.

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning Dublin-  Maintaining

Your floors should be washed regularly but only if it gets dirty. At least one high speed buff is required each week. Most people do not understand that those floors are designed to be buffed weekly or daily if there is huge traffic. Using a red pad and a buffing machine, at least 400 RPM , buff your floors. If your floor starts wearing off you will not be compensate by the builder if the right cleaning techniques were not used. Do not buff your floors without first cleaning. Make sure the floor is spotless before starting buffing. If a small stone gets stuck under your buffing pad it will damage the floor. Why do you need to buff your floors? The sealant on the floor will scratch and mark. It will look like it is damaged. But if you put a red pad on it at high speed it will heat the floor and the friction will level up all the marking and scratches. The floor will look like new again. Dublin Marmoleum Floor Cleaning recommend to use non acidic floor cleaning products only. Lemon Gel is the best. If you need your marmoleum floors done contact us and our specialists will be there to help you. Do not damage your floors.

Many schools or public offices are getting grants to replace their floors but they don’t get grants to buy buffers or seal their floors. In the long run this will cost the State much more. You can do a search on and you can buy a buffer for as little as 300 .

Why pick Dublin Marmoleum Floor Cleaning?


-Experience and expertise

-Affordable pricing

-24/7 opening time

-Free no obligation estimates


-Unbeatable quality

-Brilliant reviews


Why take a chance using cheap marmoleum floor cleaning contractors when is there for you? You will be dealing with a friendly company and a gang of professionals. The size of the job does not matter for us, we do domestic and commercial marmoleum floor cleaning & sealing.

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning Dublin



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