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Marmoleum Floor Cleaner

  • Marmoleum Floor Cleaner


Date : June 16, 2017


Marmoleum Floor Cleaner

Marmoleum floors are in big demand right now and most of the newly built schools and hospitals are fitted with these type of floors. Many people have it and very few people know how to properly clean and maintain it. Marmoleum floors are very sensitive and if not sealed regularly will wear off and will lose its natural shine. With over 10 years experience in marmoleum cleaning, marmoleum sealing and marmoleum maintaining, is your expert adviser on marmoleum floors. The use of wrong floor cleaning products is the no 1 problem for marmoleum floors. Acidic and high ph cleaning products should not be used on marmoleum floors. The biggest mistake many marmoleum floor owners do is to wash their marmoleum floors with the same mop that they have just washed their bathrooms with. Any type of bleach or bleach based product will damage marmoleum so avoid using it. has a great range of marmoleum floor cleaners:

Evans Lemon Gel this is one of the most cost efficient floor cleaning products. 5 litres of Evans Lemon Gel should last you for about 2 years in a domestic property and 6 months in a school. A mixing rate of 1 to 100 means that with 5 litres of Evans Lemon Gel you will mix up 500 litres of floor cleaning solution. This floor cleaning product has a very low ph and it leaves a nice lemon fragrance. It can be used with a mop and a bucket or in a spray bottle. This product is one of the most highly recommended marmoleum floor cleaners.

Evans Clean & Shine another high quality floor cleaning product from Evans brand. Evans Clean & Shine cleans and protects the polish on the floor. For best results buffing is recommended. All marmoleum floors need regular buffing. Evans Clean & Shine has a very low ph and it can be used on all types of floors but it is designed for polished floors. A non sticky cleaning product that will impress you. Order now from and we will show you how to use it and where to use it.

Evans High Class if you need a floor cleaning product that gets rid of all scuffs and marks and does not affect the shine of the floor, look no more, you have just found it. Evan High Class will take care of your marmoleum floors and it will prolong the life of the sealant. A high dilution rate makes it a very cost efficient floor cleaner. It can be used for many other types of polished floors for daily maintenance.

Evans Pine Gel this product is more for commercial use and it will clean with easy and it will leave a nice pine flagrance. Highly recommended for factories or areas with high traffic. Evans Pine Gel will have your floors spotless in one go. For more information regarding this product please contact us .

Many floor fitting companies will recommend you very expensive floor cleaning products. We can guarantee you that all those products are nothing better than Evans floor cleaning products. The only difference is the price. We clean marmoleum floors for years and we can guarantee you that what we recommend you is the best.

If you are interested in any of our floor cleaning products please go to and place your order now. All orders over 100 get free delivery.

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