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Manual Handling Course

  • Manual Handling Course


Date : October 7, 2016

Manual Handling Course

If you are looking for a manual handling course you are in the right place. has a variety of manual handling companies who offer courses all over the country. Manual handling courses are very affordable but prices can vary from one city to another. The best way of getting great value is to book in a group. Most manual handling courses will offer discounts for bookings of 10 + people.

What is a manual handling course?

In a few words, this course will teach you the necessary techniques for lifting and carrying heavy items safely so as to limit the risk of personal injury or back pain. Unlike the safe pass course, the manual handling course is very specific and it will only focus on lifting. Weights can be misleading and a small thing can weigh much more than it visually appears. The biggest problem in any industry is people getting back pain and/or injury from lifting up much bigger loads than they should.

If you own a company or if you manage a company where people have to lift heavy things regularly, or even occasionally, you should make sure that all your employees have completed a manual handling course. In case of an accident , your insurance company might not pay out any compensation if you haven’t required your staff to get their manual handling course done. You shouldn’t expose yourself or your company to any un necessary risks.

Manual handling course employee

A manual handling course along with your safe pass ticket are the two most basic licences you should get before you walk in a new job. Knowing how to protect yourself and others and how to avoid getting hurt , it could be worth more than the money you will be required to pay for those two tickets. Most companies will be happy to pay 50% of the value of your tickets. You should just ask. Safe passes and manual handling tickets are usual issued for up to 5 years.

Manual handling course how much ?

How much do you value your safety? A manual handling course can cost anything between 30 to 80 depending on your location and amounts of people that will book the course. It is not a expensive operation and you will find some very useful information. You can only hurt your back once.

Just go to and on the search box at the top of the website write manual handling course. Pick a contractor from your area and book in. Nothing easier. Do not pre pay for courses and make sure you make it in time. Both , companies and private people can find a great manual handling course in 10 seconds. The times when you had to open a 3000 page book to find a service provider, are well gone.


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