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Leather Sofa Cleaning

  • Leather Sofa Cleaning


Date : March 8, 2017

Leather Sofa Cleaning

Leather sofas are made to last if the right maintenance procedure is respected. Like any other sofa, leather sofas will get dirty over time and once in a while will require cleaning and polishing. Most people do not respect the periods between cleans and sometimes they end up having to throw out a good sofa. Our company provides a great leather sofa cleaning services and leather sofa polishing. We will deep clean your sofa using non toxic cleaning products and then we will polish your sofa using satin sealants. Dublin Carpet Cleaning provides professional leather sofa cleaning services. All our services are fully insured and highly recommended. We provide free no obligation estimates. The biggest mistake people who own leather sofas make is they clean them with the wrong cleaning products. After a spillage most people will panic and instead of using common sense they start using baking soda, bleach and other hard chemicals in their attempt to remove the stain. Most of the time there will be a reaction between all those chemicals and your leather sofa will be damaged as a result. Call the leather sofa cleaning experts at 014440146 and we will remove most stains from your sofa. Commercial leather sofa cleaning: Our company provides regular leather cleaning services to many pubs, restaurants, hotels, hair salons and doctors. Our services are high quality and our prices are affordable. Dublin Carpet Cleaning will not cut corners and only cleaning products from Prochem brand will be used. We have a minimum order of 50 for any leather sofa cleaning booking. Our company can clean any amount of sofas and we are open 24/7. Leather Sofa Cleaning Prices Our usual price for a 2 seater leather sofa is about 40 , 3 seater sofa is about 60 and L-shaped sofas cost around 90 . Depending on the condition and size it could cost a bit more or less. Our leather sofa cleaning specialists will pre price all jobs. 014440146

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