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Large Industrial Ceiling Fans Manufacturer For Big Spaces

  • Large Industrial Ceiling Fans Manufacturer For Big Spaces
  • Large Industrial Ceiling Fans Manufacturer For Big Spaces
  • Large Industrial Ceiling Fans Manufacturer For Big Spaces


Price : Price On Call
Type : Sell
Date : November 21, 2022
Condition : New
Warranty : Yes
Location : No.9, Furong Road, Huishan District, Wuxi City, China

Large Industrial Ceiling Fans Manufacturer For Big Spaces

The Crane of Vansefans, is a more high-quality large industrial ceiling fans. Characterized by safety, silence, small volume and maintenance free, the fan is equipped with safety structure at the industrial level and PMSM permanent magnet brushless synchronous motor.

Vanse large industrial ceiling fans Pass FCC, CE, ROSH, CCC, CSA, GL, UL. Possess complete intellectual property of full series large fans and authoritative destructive testing of key components. Vanse fans are widely used in factory, warehouse, logistic, public, commercial etc, can solve the ventilation and cooling effectively, dehumidification and anti-mildew.


1. Large Coverage

Blade length maximum24FT, Vansefans unique 3 degrees upward, 30% coverage rate. Effective coverage is more than 1,500 square meters.

2. Large Volume No Empty Recycle

Vanse HVLS fans variable streamlined cross section–according to aerodynamics equal chord length theory ,the blade gradually narrowed and thinned from root to tip until the tail then widened, root to tail width is 29.8-19.2cm. Make sure the air uniform along the length direction, even cover middle area.

3. Comfortable Tridimensional Natural Wind

The wind generated by Vanse large ceiling fan simulates the natural wind, three-dimensional air supply, covering the whole body to maximize the sweat evaporation. Make the body 4-7 degree temperature difference, forming similar nature breeze system. But traditional high speed fan blowing directly is very uncomfortable, not only the speed is too high, but also make the body temperature plummets, this will bring health problems.

4. Install Save Space

Vanse industrial ceiling fans installed in the upper space 4.5 meters above the ground, fixed on the roof structure beam by clip. It will not affect any ground work, safe and reliable.

5. Economic Energy Saving

Adopts aerodynamics principle, our industrial fan can cover more than 1500 square meters with only 1.5KW motor

6. Ten Security Guarantee

Vansefan has unique ten security guarantees, effectively ensure the user safety.


Ⅰ. Power: PSMS Motor

1. Small size: 1/3 of geared motor, applicable for more places.

2. Low noise: less 40% than geared motor.

3. Fully enclosed, maintenance free.

Ⅱ. Controller: Vector Converter

1. Start steady: Motor vector algorithm and current suppression to achieve.

2. No noise: up to 16KHZ, no noise during speed up, slow down, and running.

3. Failure protection: 25fail-safe protections (over current,over voltage,under voltage phase loss,overload,etc.)

Ⅲ. Fan Blade *patent: Variable Cross-section Streamlined Blade

1. 5 pieces of 1.5mm thick 5052 aero-grade aluminum plate are adopted, which can withstand more than 3 tons of tension and will not crack when impact.

2. Variable cross-section streamlined blade: fan blade gradually narrows from root to tip and thins to the tail then widens,wind resistance is small, air volume is more uniform.

Ⅳ. Connection *patent: Structural Connection System

1. Petiole and chassis are connected by trapezoidal ladder clamping groove, and the structure is stressed as a whole without the risk of bolt fracture.

2. Petiole and blade adopt flexible shock absorber to release high-frequency vibration and ensure that the bolts are not impacted.

Ⅴ. Chassis Assembly: Integrated chassis

7075 aero-grade aluminum material is made by CNC lathe machining with precision process, the shape remains totally same, well appearance to ensure the best mechanical performance of chassis.

—–About Us—–

Vanse Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. ( is committed to R&D, production and sales of equipment for air flow improvement in different scenes(hvls fan, large industrial ceiling fans), and will provide complete solutions and after-sales service for a life-long time.

Since its establishment, Vanse has always focused on the HVLS Fans and has never deviated from the company’s goals and values. We developed a number of core patents to ensure the efficiency and safety of fans, and continuously launch new products for different use scenarios.

With mechanical manufacturing experience and deep understanding of HVLS fan industry, adhering to the core values, Vanse develops products powered by technology and provides solutions of sustainable green improvement for the environmental airflow of the world and all mankind.

Vanse Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Global Center: Huishan District, Wuxi City, China



Large Industrial Ceiling Fans Manufacturer For Big Spaces


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