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L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish

  • L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish


Date : April 29, 2017

L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish

L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish

Looking back through History, you will notice that most traditional polishes were composite of a wide range of solid natural waxes. These waxes such as the Beeswax and Carnuba came in thick pastes that were not only messy but extremely difficult to apply. It was hard to determine just the right amount to use on your furniture and surfaces around the house. Polishing using these types of polish would also take a lot of time. Let’s not begin to talk about the unsightly build up of wax on surfaces which would quickly attract dust and dirt particles. In just a little after polishing, the surface would look dull and dirty yet again.

This would require that you constantly keep buffing your surfaces to make them shiny again. With the current day and age lifestyle, that is a difficult habit to efficiently keep up. Most traditional polishes also left a sticky feel on the surface after polishing and would easily show streaks when touched. Now, I’m not saying that these solid polishes were entirely wrong, they did a lot good deal at preserving furniture and for a little while gave off a deep inviting polished feel, but we can’t deny the challenges they came bearing too. Over the years, attempts have been made to tackle these challenges. We have seen solid polishes transform into pastes which did reduce the amount of effort in the applicability but still attracted dust particles as their former solid polishes did. Some also gave a very slippery feel on surfaces making them dangerous to use especially the kitchen surfaces and furniture. You will probably relate to how challenging a slippery dinner table can be.

At Clean Fast LTD, we always look to make your life easier by dedicating our best brains and intensive research to formulate products that make your life easier. After thorough consideration of all these challenges posed by solid and paste polishes, we developed the perfect liquid spray polish that will not only deeply nourish a wide variety of surfaces around your home but also double up as a cleaner. So you will not need to clean then polish your surfaces because you can do that at just one sweep. How amazingly efficient is that? L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish is a modern ,improved and advanced polish and cleaner that is mess free, dries up quickly thus saving you a lot of time and has an easier and smoother application that achieves a better final finish. L.S.P Liquid spray polish can be used on a wide variety of surfaces around the house ranging from your wood furniture and surfaces and those made of Laminate, Stainless Steel, Veneer, Chrome, Formica, and Glass. L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish is also great for use on paintwork as it will grinds away dirt and oxidation and any unsightly dead paint. Much like a sealer, L.S.P works as an initial coat on cabinets and other wood surfaces.

As a cleaner, L.S.P Liquid Spray polish is expertly crafted to eliminate many and different types of dirt. It will eliminate spill stains on your Formica, smudges on your windows and dust particles from your furniture and surfaces around the house. L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish is your best friend when it comes to cleaning out cooking oil residues, fingerprint smudges on glass and other everyday grime and mess around your surfaces. Its wide versatility of purpose makes it a must have in every household cabinet.

Benefits of Using L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish.

L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish is formulated in Special Anti-static properties. L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish is not shy to impress. On top of it being an amazing combination of a cleaner and polish in one, it also will empower you to clean all static prone surfaces around your house that can be quite difficult to clean. These surfaces include your TV screens, V.D.U, PC monitor screens, Microwave covers and telephone surfaces. L.S.P spray polish constitutes anti static abilities that will enable you to clean these areas smoothly and without worry of possible static activity.

L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish gives deep great sheen. L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish is a brilliant scratch cover polish that recovers rejuvenates and preserves your furniture and surfaces against unwanted quicker aging and dullness. This great multi-purpose polish will tackle nicks, stains and smudges, water rings, crayons and get perfect scores at it. Your surfaces will be left sparkling clean and giving off a rich, captivating shine that reeks of proper care and preservation. L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish is mess free and easy to use.

L.S.P’s liquid viscosity makes it perfectly ideal for use in trigger spray bottles that are easy to handle and use. Contrary to using solid polish, L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish is quick drying and easier to apply. It dries hard and is very easy to buff. L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish also guarantees a zero greasy residue.

L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish is Eco-friendly and safe for daily use.

There is absolutely zero presence of substances that are under the categories of PBT (Persistent, Bio-Accumulative and Toxic) or vPvB (Very persistent and Very Bio-accumulative) in L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish.

L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish is available in small and bulkier packages Whether you intend to buy for normal daily use or for storage or bulk usage, L.S.P ‘s packaging fits your every need .L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish can either be sold individually or as a pack of six 650 ml bottles for storage. You can also purchase L.S.P Liquid Spray polish in a 5 liter bottle packaging. Whatever suits your preference, we got it.

Proper Use.

L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish gives best results when used undiluted.

Using a trigger spray bottle, spray just enough L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish onto the surface that you wish to clean and polish

Wipe off using a clean, dry, multi-fiber cloth. These cloths are better preferred to kitchen towels and tissues as they are lint free and will not scratch as opposed to the former.

Buff the surface to a clean deeply polished perfect finish.

When it comes to cleaning static-prone surfaces, rather than sprays onto the surface, spray onto the cloth instead and use it to clean and polish.


No special protective clothing is required while using L.S.P Liquid Spray polish. This is because L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish does not pose hazardous health risk to the user. As an important hygiene routine, be sure to clean your hands with clean water and soap after use.

Why L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish should be your home brand.

L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish offers great versatility of function and a wide variety of surface materials are compatible with it. With the use of L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish, your surfaces will look rejuvenated, nourished, in great shape and will not look nothing but stellar.

Evans L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish – Professional cleaning results for less!


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