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Killeen Catering Scourers x 10

  • Killeen Catering Scourers x 10


Date : May 11, 2018

Killeen Catering Scourers x 10

Killen manufacturing company has grown to be one of the most reputable and trusted company in producing top notch cleaning accessories. They pride themselves of having over thirty different house hold cleaning brands that simply deliver. Launched in 1985, the company has remained true to its word which is delivery in action. Currently, the company’s new Killeen green scourers have been the spotlight of the industry. These Killeen green scourers is a must have, be it at homes or in business premises. Killeen Catering Scourers x 10

Features of the Killeen green scourers. The Killen green scourer pad size is 65x 23 x 110mm. The standard size is convenient for easy handling g during cleaning The Killen scourer has been made using biodegradable cellulose sponge. The material used to make the cleaning scourer makes it safe to be machine washed at an ambient temperature not exceeding 70 degrees Celsius. The surface has been specially contoured to enable efficient cleaning of hard to reach spots. They are a heavy duty 3 pack cleaners that does not wear out easily when used for tough cleaning. They have a super absorbent property, which prevents unnecessary soap wastage. The scouring pads unlike its competitors in the market, does not require cleaner to wear gloves when using them as they do not cause any irritation whatsoever.

What is used to make this revolutionary Killeen green scourers? Killeen Catering Scourers x 10

Cellulose sponge is the main raw material used in making these scourers. The material is biodegradable therefore it does not pollute the environment. In addition to that, cellulose is found in nature, and therefore, there are no chemicals which are used in making the scouring pad. It can be used to clean utensils without any worry whatsoever.

Additional information

The only additive in the processing process is Kool Aid lemonade green colour. The dye falls under the class of acid dyes. It is used to dye protein fibres under a high temperature condition. Since Kool Aid lemonade is used as commercial food colouring, it is safe to assume that the Killen green scourers can be used for cleaning cookware to remove tough stains and leave the surfaces shinning clean.

Where can the Killeen green scourer be used? Killeen Catering Scourers x 10

The scouring pad is a multipurpose cleaning agent that can be used both in the kitchen and washrooms for scouring ceramic tubs. It can be used to clean all the kitchenware. In addition to that, it is effective when used for regular cleaning of tiled kitchen surfaces.

The contouring pattern that has been adopted in layering of the grains enables it to be used in cleaning tough stained tile surfaces and ceramic materials. That includes the brown spots that develop on oil based painted walls.

How to use the Killeen green scourers. Killeen Catering Scourers x 10

When used in cleaning utensils, it is recommended to use a liquid dish washer, since less soap is used Apply a sufficient amount of the soap on the surface of the scourers. Scrub the utensils in a circular motion gently for glass wares and utensils. Rinse the glasses with running water. Killeen Catering Scourers x 10

Cooking pots require application of more pressure when scrubbing. Always remember to clean inside first before embarking on the outer surface. Rigorous scrubbing will remove the soot layers on these surfaces leaving it spotless. Advantages of using Killeen green scourers in general house cleaning practice. The scouring pad removes tough stains and dirt patches fast. It’s time to say goodbye to hours unending of scrubbing cooking pots. In addition to that, lesser force is required in scrubbing compared to other ordinary cleaning pads resulting in a pleasant experience. Killeen Catering Scourers x 10

The layering of the cellulose material used to make the pad makes it more absorbent. That enables the soap to be absorbed efficiently during cleaning. As a result, there will be minimum soap wastage that occurs due to run-off with the tap water. It is a multipurpose scouring pad. Killeen green scourer’s use is not limited to washing kitchen wares only. It can also be used for cleaning other surfaces such as ceramic hobs, walls of the house and even bathroom tiles. Killeen green scourers are biodegradable. That is a major step towards protecting the environment especially with the current skyrocketing environmental pollution. In addition to that, it is safe when consumed accidentally, since the colouring is actually food colour- based. Killeen Catering Scourers x 10

They have a much longer life span compared to their counterparts in market. Most of us are synonymous with using a scouring pad only once or twice before it wears out extensively and develop unsightly holes, which renders it useless. It is a different case with this revolutionary Killeen green scourers

Finally, the scouring pad is gentle on the hand. There is no need of using gloves when scrubbing surfaces using Killen green scourer. One can scrub surfaces without fear of developing any scratch on the palms. Allergens and safety for use in washing utensils.

Killeen green scourers are made from natural material, cellulose and not a concoction of chemicals. It is therefore safe to use in cleaning cups, plates and kitchenware.

The only ingredient that has been added during the processing process is green colouring. The colouring used is called acid class food colouring. Several tests have been done on it and it has been proved to be safe. The green colour comes from Aid lemon green. Avoid using the Killeen green scourers when cleaning: Non-stick pans. The abrasive cleaning action of the pad can remove the coating. There are other delicate surfaces.

Care for the Killeen green scourers. Killeen Catering Scourers x 10

The scouring pad can have an extended life span when these simple tips are observed: It should not be used to clean extremely rough surfaces as its texture will be affected. Killen green scourers should be washed in warm water laundry with temperatures not exceeding 70 degrees Celsius. It is advised to clean the pad with disinfectant regularly especially If it is used in cleaning different surfaces to prevent cross contamination.

Disadvantages of using Killeen green scourers for household cleaning. It can scratch delicate or soft surfaces if it is used to clean them. That should be avoided at all costs, and an alternative softer piece of cloth should be used instead.

Killeen Green Catering Scourers – Professional results for less!


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