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Kentucky Mop 16 OZ

  • Kentucky Mop 16 OZ


Date : September 24, 2017

Kentucky Mop 16 OZ

A Look At The Kentucky Mop 16 OZ

There are all sorts of dirt and grime on the floor. Dust from the atmosphere, mud that’s tracked in under peoples shoes, to the fur and dander left all over by your furry friend. Don’t forget the occasional food and drink spills, which end up ruining the dÌ©cor of the interior space, and are a constant visual and metal distraction. It becomes difficult to relax in your home, or concentrate on your tasks at the workplace. Some of the soiling, such as decaying organic matter and even urine stains, create odours that reek up the entire premises. It’s not just about the looks. A dirty floor is a health risk to your household members, plus the employees and customers in your business premises. It harbours allergens and pathogens, which can end up in the systems of the persons in the building, racking up your medical bills at home, and forcing you to give out numerous sick-days to your staff. You want a product that can eliminate the soiling, and restore the health, beauty and glam to your floor. That’s a job for the Kentucky Mop 16 OZ.

You also want a mop head that can get rid of the dirt and grime with ease. You don’t want to spend hours working on the floor. The product should be able to efficiently and effectively eliminate the gunk that’s piled up on the surface. In addition, you don’t want to keep making replacements after every other cleaning session. You want a product that can serve you for long, and maintain its cleaning power. Turn to the Kentucky Mop 16 OZ.

Reasons To Invest In The Kentucky Mop 16 OZ

1. High cleaning efficacy

That’s its job, and the Kentucky Mop 16 OZ delivers as expected. It’s made of pure yarn, which gives it high absorbency. It effectively applies the cleaning solution from the bucket to the floor, and picks up the dirt and grime from the surface. The long fibres allow you to reach to those nooks and crannies in the building, and tricky areas around the toilet. The high efficiency enables you to complete the cleaning task quickly at home, and reduces the workload for the cleaning staff and janitors in large establishments and office blocks. The Kentucky Mop 16 OZ does not leave behind any lint on the floor surface, and you won’t have to worry about it fraying or unravelling.

2. Built to last

The Kentucky Mop 16 OZ comes with superior durability, giving you more cleaning sessions out of every purchase. The strength of its yarn enables it to be used in both commercial and residential applications, from cleaning up the coffee, wine and juice stains under the dinner table, to drying offices and industries after flooding due to plumbing mishaps.

3. Multipurpose

The Kentucky Mop 16 OZ is versatile. You can use it for a wide range of activities on your floor, from cleaning to restore the sparkle to the surface, to stripping it to revitalise it and enable you to refinish the floor. You can even use it to apply the polish itself. Just remember not to mix up the Kentucky Mop 16 OZ for different applications, especially cleaning and floor stripping. You don’t want to spread the floor stripping agents to a surface you want to clean. Use a particular mop head for its designated purpose.

4. Easy to use

It’s a simple mop and bucket approach. The Kentucky Mop 16 OZ attaches easily and firmly to the handle. As an extra tip, in case you’re working on a large floor space like in office buildings schools, health institutions, retail stores and malls, you can use a couple of the mop heads at a time. Simply soak them in a bucket holding the cleaning solutions, and attach one after the other to the handle as you progress with the cleaning. Place the dirty mop heads into a different bucket.

5. Colour coded patches

The Kentucky Mop 16 OZ comes with different coloured patches to enable you to implement a colour coded system in your establishment. You assign different mop heads to different areas of the building, enabling you to prevent cross contamination. For instance, you can use one Kentucky Mop 16 OZ for the bathroom, and a different one for the kitchen. This is mainly used in high risk areas such as nursing homes, hospitals and food preparation zones, and you can use the same in your own home. In addition to the health benefits, such as system enables you to easily categorise and catalogue your supplies, and plan for the items you need.

DOs And DON’Ts Of The Kentucky Mop 16 OZ

DO mop the floors regularly to prevent build-up of dirt and grime.

DO wash the Kentucky Mop 16 OZ thoroughly after use and rinse it.

DO use the colour patches for the colour coding scheme in your establishment. A popular system involves: red for high risk areas such as the toilet and bathroom floors, yellow for specialty areas like gyms or labs, and also for low risk areas like the living room at home or reception area at the workplace, blue for all-purpose cleaning (catering to general areas like corridors and hallways), and green for food service areas like kitchens at home and in the restaurant. The colour scheme you use is entirely up to your cleaning needs.

DO plan your method of approach when working on the floor using the Kentucky Mop 16 OZ. Start at the back and work your way to the exit. You don’t want to trap yourself in a corner and be forced to tip-toe over a wet floor, or on polish before it has dried.

DO wring the excess polish or cleaning solution from the Kentucky Mop 16 OZ as you proceed with your task. This is to prevent over-wetting, or spreading the polish unevenly.

DO sweep or vacuum the floor before beginning the cleaning, to enable you to reduce your workload.

DON’T store the Kentucky Mop 16 OZ while is wet. After washing and rinsing, allow it to air dry. This will prevent growth of mould and mildew on its yarn.

DON’T leave the Kentucky Mop 16 OZ soaking overnight. This will weaken the fibres. It’s worse when you leave it soaked in dirty mop water, as it creates a breeding ground for numerous kinds of microbes.

Kentucky Mop 16 OZ – Professional cleaning results for less!


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