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  • Kentucky Mop 12 oz


Date : September 7, 2017

Kentucky Mop 12 oz

An insight into the new Kentucky mop 12oz. Kentucky Mop 12 oz

There are many factors one should consider before purchasing a mop. It is worth noting that there are many mops on the market today which vary from company to company and their intended purpose. Therefore, it is important for a person to make careful consideration and do a market research rather than rush to buy a mop which may end up being ineffective.

Kentucky Mop 12 oz

Kentucky has recently released a Kentucky Mop 12oz. This mid-sized, high quality cotton mop head has been specially deigned for both wet and dry moping. The material used in making the mop enables it to wipe dry even the tiled surfaces and smooth floors leaving no water marks behind. That is a major advantage keeping in mind that most of these other cheap materials such as high polyester percentage are not efficient in drying such floors. Often, you will find the users of such mops complaining of the amount of time they spend moping since the poor material quality has a low absorption rate.

Features of the Kentucky Mop 12oz.

1. The material of the mop head is 70% cotton and 30% polyester to give it an impressive toughness and durability for a long time.

2. The mop has a high water retention with a thick absorbent yarn.

3. The weight of the mop head is impressive as compared to mops of a similar category.

4. The mops are CHSA certified (Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Certified)


Kentucky Mop 12 oz


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