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Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner

  • Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner


Date : May 11, 2017

Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner


Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner Review

Your wood floor is a heavy investment. It’s one of the largest structures on the property, spanning a vast surface area. Its look and feel affect everything else, from the walls and artwork draped on them, to the furnishings and electrical appliances you have installed. As such, you fork out loads of cash to get that wood floor that appeals to your particular taste. It brings warmth and natural beauty to the interior space. With the numerous colours, stains, and even wood species to choose from, you can set different tones as per your dÌ©cor’s needs. The desire for wood floors is not just as a result of the aesthetics. They bring more convenience and better acoustics on board. Maintaining them is easy, with regular cleaning and a refinishing once in a while being all that is required to keep them at their best. With their remarkable durability, they can last for decades, even looking better as the years goes by. In fact, they have a timeless appeal, unlike other options like linoleum, carpets and tiles, which go in and out of fashion. Not only have wood floors been around for centuries, but they are now more popular than ever. This has also led to the value of the properties that have them installed increasing. Estate agents and property owners can vouch that establishments with wooden floors sell out faster and more easily compared to those with other floor finishes, attracting even more revenue. Turn to the Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner to get rid of the gunk that threatens your investment. Dirt is an enemy to your elegant floor, whether it’s the soiling that is tracked into the building under people’s shoes, gunk from food spills, pet dander, or even particles blown into the building by wind. As they accumulate, they get grinded against the surface of the wood. This acts like sand paper, causing wear and tear. Gradually, the beauty of the floor is replaced by a dull look, making the rest of the premises look dilapidated. There are even substances like smoke particles that get absorbed by the wood, causing it to form a pungent smell that sticks around for long. Allergens like pollen and dust building up on the surface additionally put your family members at home, and the customers plus employees in your business premises at risk. They’ll all need to be washed off. However, not just any product is suitable for the wood installation. Some like ordinary soap products will leave behind residue, which increases the rate of resoiling. Others like vinegar, or ammonia and alkaline based products, will actually corrode the finish, eventually damaging the flooring itself. You want a product that is specially designed to get rid of the grime while preserving the beauty and structural integrity of the wood. That’s a job for the Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner.

Benefits Of The Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner

1. Superior cleaning power The goal is to eliminate the dirt and grime, and the Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner does not disappoint. From the large particles like food residue and insect waste, to general soiling and small particles such as dust, it will get them off the surfaces of your establishment. Its anionic surfactants dislodge the particles from the floor, enabling them to be washed away and restore the shine to the surface. Moreover, the area that you will have worked on will dry in around 5 minutes, enabling normal operations to resume quickly in your establishment. This makes the Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner popular for both daily and periodic cleaning.

2. Tough on dirt, gentle on wood Wood is sensitive. Just like your skin, it is made of cells, and pH variations can damage it. With the Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner, you won’t have to worry about that. It has been specially designed to work on wood, both oiled and lacquered surfaces. When undiluted, it has a pH of 8.5, which further reduces to 6-8 after dilution. This makes it safe for the wood and its finish. You get professional results without affecting the structural integrity of the installation. In addition, the Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner does not leave behind residue when it dries, thus reducing the rate of resoiling.

3. Flexible The Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner is up to the task of handling both residential and commercial cleaning needs. Whether its apartments, condos, co-ops, and townhouses, hotels, malls, restaurants and drugstores, nursing homes, urban and suburban office buildings, the Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner will tackle the dirt and grime, enhancing the ambience of the interior space. The indoor air quality is also protected, since there are no toxic fumes created. Your children and pets are safe, and so are the customers and employees in your commercial establishment.

4. Economical It is quality cleaning at affordable costs. The 3 package sizes of the Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner-1L, 2.5L and 5L- are conveniently priced, enabling you to reduce your floor’s maintenance budget.

How To Use The Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner

It’s simple and straightforward. Follow these steps:

1. Start by diluting the Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner. Use 50 200 ml of product per 10 litres of water.

2. Use your mop, cloth or other cleaning equipment to work on your floor. In order to regulate the moisture content that the floor will be receiving, ensure that the cloth or mop that is used is well rung. For systems and machinery, ensure that they have a low dispensing of water.

3. Let the surface dry.

Tips For Using The Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner

Ensure that you wipe off any spills immediately they occur. The faster you get to them the easier they are to remove.

Schedule regular cleaning sessions to get rid of the dirt with the Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner, and keep your establishment gleaming all through.

Avoid using steam mops, as they can cause the finish and wood itself to get damaged. åá In case you’re relacquering your floor and you’ve washed it with the Junckers Sylvaclean Wood Floor Cleaner, you’ll need to follow it up with the Junckers Sylva Neutralizer to remove any remains.


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