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Junckers Strong Premium Floor Lacquer

  • Junckers Strong Premium Floor Lacquer


Date : September 1, 2017

Junckers Strong Premium Floor Lacquer

Junckers Strong Premium Laquer Review – Junckers Strong Premium Floor Lacquer

When it comes to interior decor, wood floors are in their own league. With the wide range of wood types available, and modes of processing, plus the different forms of grain patterns and colourations that they come with, you can get the installation that perfectly suits your taste. They bring glamour, and set a natural tone for both commercial and residential establishments. And they never go out of style. From enhancing the ambience of the interior space to increasing the real estate value of the property, ease of maintenance and vast pool of designs to choose from, it’s not a wonder then that they are highly sought after installations. You want to protect your wood floor, and bring out the look and feel that intricately blends with your style. That’s where the Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer comes in. Junckers Strong Premium Floor Lacquer

Your floor takes a beating. From items being dropped on it, the occasional food and drink spills that threaten to seep into the internal layers of the wood, foot traffic from visitors to your home or the customers and employees in your commercial establishment, plus the gunk brought into the premises by your furry friend, scuffs and scratches from the pets clawing at the surface or those spiked and heeled shoes, they are a threat to your flooring. You begin worrying about stains that set on the wood and dents and grooves that develop due to the abrasion caused when the soiling is ground into the surface. You don’t want to be forced to pull out the boards of your flooring to replace them. You just need to apply protective coatings at the onset, or during the refinishing periods, in order to enable it to withstand the constant abuse it receives. You can achieve that with the Junckers Strong Premium Laquer.

Benefits Of The Junckers Strong Premium Laquer

1. High strength The 100% polyurethane Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer gives your wood floor exceptional resistance to the wear and rear of everyday life. In fact, it makes the flooring so durable that it is a popular option for highly trafficked areas, from office suites, hotels, malls and other commercial establishments, to educational and health institutions. The Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer also increases your floor’s ability to withstand heat, alcohol and acids that may wind up on it. Junckers Strong Premium Floor Lacquer

2. Non-yellowing Since its colourless when dry, the Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer allows the woods own hue to shine through, enabling you to bring out the elegance of the flooring. You can also get to pick the gloss level you desire, from Matt or Silk Matt, to Ultra Matt. You get to choose the result that complements the style of your interior space. In addition, you don’t want to worry about your wood floor changing colour as time passes by. With the 1-component Junckers Strong Plus Laquer, you won’t have to. It’s designed to retain the sheen of the finish, keeping that natural look and feel lasting for longer. This protects the ambience of your establishment.  Junckers Strong Premium Floor Lacquer

3. Easy application Using the Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer is a breeze. Its superior flow rate enables you to apply it onto the floor with ease, and ensures that you get the coats level before drying. This enables your DIY jobs at home to be successful, and increases the speed of service delivery during professional applications for contractors. You save both your time and that of your client, which also means that you’ll be widening your market and growing your operations. Junckers Strong Premium Floor Lacquer

4. Quick drying After applying the Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer coats, you’ll be able to resume using the floor in approximately 3 hours, under normal conditions (20C and 50% RH). Within 3 days, it will have fully cured, and up to the task of handling the heavy traffic in your establishment. Junckers Strong Premium Floor Lacquer

5. Versatile You can apply the water-based Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer of wood floors that had been previously finished, like when you’re doing a touch-up to enhance the strength of your floor, or on new floor installations. Even when you’re doing a remodelling and you’ve fully sanded down the floor, the Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer will bond to the surface and enable you to obtain the finish you desire. Junckers Strong Premium Floor Lacquer

6. Affordable The Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer is pocket friendly. Its convenient cost enables you to make savings right from the onset. This, coupled with the wide application rate of 10-12 m2/ litre, means that you get to cover more floor surface with each Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer 5L unit purchase you make. Moreover, the enhanced durably and protection that it gives your floor cuts down on the losses incurred due to damage, thus slashing your building’s maintenance costs. Junckers Strong Premium Floor Lacquer

How To Use The Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer

Follow these steps:

1. Prepare the floor. Clear and clean the surface. Floors that had been previously finished with wax will need to be sanded down to the bare wood. Junckers Strong Premium Floor Lacquer

2. Apply the Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer using your preferred tool, whether brush, roller or the air/airless spray. This depends on what is in your tool kit, the size of the floor area that you need to cover, and the method that’s most convenient to you. Junckers Strong Premium Floor Lacquer

3. Allow to dry. Junckers Strong Premium Floor Lacquer

4. Lightly sand using a 150-180 grit sand paper, ensuring that you follow the direction of the wood grain. Vacuum up the sanding dust. Junckers Strong Premium Floor Lacquer

5. Apply the second coat. Junckers Strong Premium Floor Lacquer

6. Give 3 hours drying time before allowing light foot traffic on the floor. Junckers Strong Premium Floor Lacquer

Tips For Using The Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer

Clean your floor regularly in order to remove the dust and grit, to further enhance the life of the finish. Note that you should not clean the newly finished floor for at least 72 hours after applying the Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer. This is to give it sufficient time to fully cure before you go about scrubbing and mopping the surface.

When cleaning the wood floor, use as little water as possible. Properly wring out the cloth or mop that you’re using, and also clean up any spills as soon as they occur. Junckers Strong Premium Floor Lacquer

It’s recommended that you only apply a maximum of 2 coats of Junckers Strong Premium Laquer per day.

In order to prevent the gluing effect in floorboards, especially when you are finishing floors that have been sanded bare, you can apply a primer before the Junckers Strong Premium Lacquer top coats

Junckers Strong Premium Floor Lacquer


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