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Junckers Rustic Topoil

  • Junckers Rustic Topoil
  • Junckers Rustic Topoil


Price : Price On Call
Date : January 2, 2018
Condition : New
Location : Ashleigh House, John F Kennedy Road, John F Kennedy Industrial Estate, Dublin 12, Ireland

A Look At The Junckers Rustic TopOil

Beauty is key when it comes to setting the ambience of the interior space of any establishment. At home, you want an environment that relaxes and soothes you the moment you walk through the front door. A setting that you can confidently host guests in, and even impress those critical in-laws. A space where you will be proud to raise your family in, and even get more returns in case you decide to sell it later on in life. Speaking of real estate deals, the look and feel of the interior space will either attract or turn off prospective tenants or buyers. As a realtor or property manager, you’ll want to have a setting that charms its way into the hearts of persons coming to view the property. For business owners, it’s all about the image and portrayed to customers, and the working conditions that the employees are in. You want to give persons on your property a positive perception about your enterprise, and increase the productivity of your staff. All this can be achieved by properly maintaining the structure that runs across the entire establishment: your floor. Its state reflects on everything else, from the furniture to the walls. You want it to always be in exceptional condition. You can make that a reality with the Junckers Rustic TopOil.

How high are the traffic levels in your establishment? As more and more people access the premises, they grind dirt and dust particles under their feet against the surface of the floor. The friction created causes the finish to gradually wear down. Left unchecked, the underlying wood gets exposed, which now puts it at risk of irreversible damage. Then there’s the pressure caused by the people walking around, and the kind of footwear they use. Take stiletto heels for instance. Yes, they exude beauty and glamour, but a 100 pound lady wearing high heels will exert 15 times more crushing pressure on the surface of your wood floor compared to a fully grown elephant. This is because all the body weight is applied on a tiny little area. Then there are issues such as those rubber shoes, which leave behind marks on the surface of the floor. In addition, the higher the number of people in your establishment, the higher the risk of food and drink spills. These can cause anything from set-in stains to water damage due to the excessive moisture, keeping in mind that wood is sensitive to changes in the moisture balance with the surrounding. Adding the protective coat will enable you to prevent your wood installation from being damaged by these factors, all through to those from natural elements like the sun’s radiation that causes fading. Shield your floor with the Junckers Rustic TopOil.

Why You Should Invest In The Junckers Rustic TopOil

1. Freshens up your floor The Junckers Rustic TopOil’s goal is to reverse the wear effects on the floor as a result of everyday abuse from foot traffic, dirt, and other elements. Its ultra matt finish restores the beauty to the surface, making that wood grain to be more prominent, and bringing back that natural look and feel to the wood floor. It’s a waterbased air-drying alkyd oil, which adds to the durability and wear resistance properties of the finish that your floor had been treated with. That way, whenever you want to refresh a patch on the surface or work on an entire room, you won’t need to sand down to the bare wood and redo the finish. Simply revitalise it with the Junckers Rustic TopOil.

2. Dries quickly At home, you don’t want to lock your family out of specific rooms for ages, or keep worrying about your kids getting impatient and going trouncing all over the wet coats. In commercial establishments, you don’t want your customers turning to your competitors because they found sections of your business premises sealed off for long. The Junckers Rustic TopOil coat just needs 30-60 minutes to be dry enough to handle light traffic. Full curing will have taken place in 24 hours. This short drying time, plus the ease in application, means that you can use it for anything from working on the entire floor of your establishment, to doing spot treatments on those areas that have been affected heavily by high traffic, such as the walking lanes.

3. Cost effective With a 30-50 må_ per litre coverage rate, each unit of the Junckers Rustic TopOil purchased gives you more bang for your back. It enables you to carry out your regular floor maintenance efforts without unbalancing your finances. In addition, it comes in 3 package sizes, 1L, 2.5L and 10L, all of which are at affordable costs, to enable you save on your budget right from the onset. This also cuts down on maintenance costs caused by repairing or replacing part or entire sections of the wood floor installation. Avoiding the inconvenience and strain of the reflooring projects is a welcome bonus. For realtors and property managers, or if you’re a home owner looking to put your house out on the market later in life, the regular maintenance that you’ll have done with the Junckers Rustic TopOil will enable you to get more profit when valuing the premises.åÊ

How To Use The Junckers Rustic TopOil

Application is a breeze. No special skills are needed, and there are no complicated dilution ratios to adhere to. Follow these steps to coat your floor with the Junckers Rustic TopOil:

1. Shake well. This is to ensure that any settled product in the container gets well distributed.åÊ

2. Apply the Junckers Rustic TopOil onto the floor using a flat floor mop or cotton cloth. Apply it in thin layers, working quickly to spread it over the surface before the oil hardens.

3. Allow to dry.

Note that as the Junckers Rustic TopOil is applied as a topcoat, the existing oiled surface should first be ensured to be sound and stable. The floor should also be clean, to prevent dirt particles, gunk and greasy residue from ruining the quality of the results.

Tips For Using The Junckers Rustic TopOil

Ensure that the floor has been pre-treated with one of Junckers Rustic oils before using the Junckers Rustic TopOil, such as Junckers Rustic Oil or Junckers Rustic Solid 100 Oil.

Tools used to apply the Junckers Rustic TopOil should be cleaned with soap and water immediately after the process.

The minimum surface temperature of the flooring required to apply the Junckers Rustic TopOil is 15C.


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