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Junckers Rustic Oil 5L

  • Junckers Rustic Oil 5L


Date : December 21, 2017

Junckers Rustic Oil 5L

A Look AT The Junckers Rustic Oil 5 L

The charm and elegance that wood floors add to the interior space is undeniable. In fact, it’s a huge part of the reason behind the colossal demand for wood flooring around the planet. That natural look and feel makes the premise more inviting, setting a calm and relaxing feel. The decor that you create depends on the type of wood, with its colouration, grain patterns, all through to how the floor boards themselves will be installed. Hence, there is plenty of room for you to be able to set up the ambience that matches your taste and brings out your personality. From neutral hues with their contemporary and classic feel, to deep tones that make bold statements, all through to rustic effects that set an old world look, and everything in between, you’re spoilt for choice. With wood floors, it’s more than just about the beauty. They are also effective in reducing the energy consumption of your building. This is because of their insulation properties, which enable them to prevent heat from escaping the interior space. That way, you won’t have to overwork your HVAC systems. Then there are the acoustic attributes. Wood is great at absorbing sound. This is particularly what makes be highly sought out for installing in establishments like music studios. In residences, this means that you get to have a better experience with your home theatre and sound systems. In your workplace, the reduced echoes and noise levels from sound reverberation through different rooms and floors of the building enables people to be able to focus on their tasks. Wood itself has a durable structure, which enables it to have the capacity of lasting for generations. However, in order to make preserve its structural integrity and enhance its life, proper maintenance is required. Turn to the Junckers Rustic Oil 5 L.

What You Get From The Junckers Rustic Oil 5 L

1. Strength and durability – Junckers Rustic Oil 5L

You want your floor to be able to withstand the constant barrage of abuse it receives on a daily basis. Everything from foot traffic, the dirt that accumulates on the surface and ends up getting grinded against it, to the occasional food and drink spills, put the beauty and longevity of your floor at risk. The Junckers Rustic Oil 5 L comes in to prevent it from getting damaged. The hardening urethane oil forms a tough barrier that increases the wear resistance and abradability attributes of the wood. Hence, it’s able to handle heavy footfall, and you won’t have to worry about permanent stains forming. The penetration of the oil into the fibres of the boards also prevents joint cracking, since it expands and contracts with the wood. The Junckers Rustic Oil 5 L prevents the spills from seeping into the wood, giving you time to clean them off before they get a chance to cause the stains. Used for both priming and finishing, it thus enables you to protect your investment.

2. Accentuates the wood – Junckers Rustic Oil 5L

The Junckers Rustic Oil 5 L adds beauty to the wood. The end result you get depends on the option you go for. There’s the Clear Oil, which proves a deep and warm glow to the wood. Alternatively, you can go for the Colour Junckers Rustic Oil 5 L, which dries to the transparent hue. With the latter, there’s plenty to choose from, with options such as RawSugar, SmoothRum, Walnut, DarkCoco, Mahogany/SylvaRed, WildHazel and even Cherry, all through to White, Black, and Driftwood Grey. In addition, both variants of the Junckers Rustic Oil 5 L, the Clear and Colour, can be used together. You can also additionally topcoat them with the Junckers water-based lacquer of your choice.

3. Cost effective – Junckers Rustic Oil 5L

It’s also friendly to your budget. Firstly, the Junckers Rustic Oil 5 L is affordably priced. Secondly, since each litre of it covers 10-50 m2 of surface depending on the wood structure and rate of absorption, you get to apply each unit product on a vast area, hence reduce your maintenance costs. Junckers Rustic Oil 5L

How To Use The Junckers Rustic Oil 5 L

The application can be viewed from different fronts, based on whether you’re using the Junckers Rustic Oil 5 L for priming, or finishing:

Priming Wood Surfaces – Junckers Rustic Oil 5L

Follow these steps:

1. Thoroughly clean the surface and ensure it is dry. The Junckers Rustic Oil 5 L here is to be applied to the bare wood, hence the surface should be sanded down, following the direction of the grain. The final sanding should be with sandpaper of grit 100-120. Vacuum away the sanding dust

2. Stir the Junckers Rustic Oil 5 L.

3. Apply the first coat. You can use a brush, cloth, roller, or even a lambswool applicator, combined with a nylon scouring pad.

4. Allow to dry for 30 minutes.

5. Apply the second coat.

6. Wipe off the excess oil. This is to prevent glossy spots being left behind by dried and unabsorbed oil.

7. Leave to dry for 16-24 hours.

In addition to the untreated floors, the Junckers Rustic Oil 5 L can also be used on table and worktops. For large areas, it is recommended that you divide them into sections that can be oiled within 30 minutes, to enable you to achieve uniform results. When doing this, keep a wet edge between adjacent areas. After you’re done with the application process, clean the tools that you have used with white spirit. The surface will be ready for use after 24 hours, with full curing occurring within 3 days. Junckers Rustic Oil 5L

Surface Finishing With Colour Or Clear Junckers Rustic Oil 5 L

Here, the surface has already been primed, and the oil is being added onto it. Follow these steps:

1. Lightly sand the surface using high grit sandpaper, e.g. of grit 120-150. You can also use a green or black nylon pad. Vacuum off the sanding dust. Junckers Rustic Oil 5L

2. Apply 1 coat of the Junckers Rustic Oil 5 L, be it Colour or Clear, depending on your preference. That’s for floors. For the tables or worktops, apply 2 thin coats of the oil. Junckers Rustic Oil 5L

3. Remove the surplus oil within 30 minutes after ensuring that the surface is saturated. This means that no more oil can be absorbed by the wood. Use a dry soft cloth for this. Junckers Rustic Oil 5L

4. Buff the surface using a buffing pad with a clean cloth under it. For floors you can go at it with a buffing machine. Junckers Rustic Oil 5L

Finishing Floors With Lacquer

Ensure that the surface is 100% saturated with the the Junckers Rustic Oil 5 L. Screen it using a black pad, and remove the dust. Then:

1. Apply the Junckers lacquer of your choice, going by the recommended systems for your establishment.

2. Allow 4 hours drying time.

3. Apply the final lacquer coat.

4. Leave it to dry until the finish gets fully cured.

DOs And DON’Ts Of The Junckers Rustic Oil 5 L

DO moisten the surface with a damp cloth, and leave to dry for around 10-15 minutes before applying the Junckers Rustic Oil 5 L. This is recommended during priming in order to enhance the quality of the results.

DON’T dilute the oil. It comes ready to use.

DON’T cover the surface, like using carpets or area rugs, until the Junckers Rustic Oil 5 L has fully cured.

Junckers Rustic Oil 5L


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