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Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L

  • Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L


Date : May 16, 2018

Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L

Protect Your Wood Surfaces With The Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L

Wood exudes style and glamour. It brings a natural look and feel into the interior space, enhancing the ambience and making it all warm and inviting. It’s not a surprise, then, that wood is so popular. It isn’t just about floors. Those wood tables and countertops enhance the decor of the room in which they are placed, speaking volumes about the taste of the owner of the premises. In residential and commercial establishments, wood installations are the go-to option. They bring more than their beauty. Wood’s structure is naturally strong and durable, and it also has superb insulation properties. For instance, a hardwood floor goes a long way in preventing heat from escaping from the interior space, giving you a warm feeling underfoot and reducing your monthly energy bills. There’s also the enhanced acoustic properties, with the wood absorbing sounds reverberating in the room, reducing noise levels and preventing echoes from forming. However, the wood is not invulnerable. Constant daily attacks from issues like foot traffic, the occasional items getting dropped, all through to the ultraviolet and infrared radiation from the sun, pose a risk to it. You want to protect your investment. Turn to the Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L.

Reasons To Invest In The Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L

1. Superior durability

The Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L gives your floor enhanced resistance against the wear and tear of everyday life. A hardening urethane oil, it increases the strength attributes of the wood, making it a popular option for residential and commercial establishments alike. It doesn’t just form a coat on the surface. It gets absorbed by the wood itself, bonding to form a toughened layer that stands up to the foot traffic in floors, all through to the workload that’s handled on countertops. The Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L also increases the woods water and stain resistance properties, thus protecting your investment and enabling it to have long lifespan.

2. Enhanced beauty

Aesthetic appeal also comes into pay. After all, you want wood surfaces that are both strong and bring glamour to the interior space. The Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L enables you to achieve both. It adds a deep warm glow to the surface, accentuating the wood grain and enhancing its character. For the kitchen countertops, the tables all through to the floor, the colouration has a ripple effect on the rest of the decor, creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home, and giving your commercial space a professional look and feel.

3. Multiple uses

The Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L works for both priming and finishing. You can also use it for the regular maintenance of surfaces wood surfaces onto which oil treatments have been applied. Moreover, you can use the Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L individually for the treatment, combine it with the Rustic Oil Colour, or even use it to prime only but finish the surface with a lacquer. The path you take depends on how you want the outcome of the floor, table or other wood surface to be, plus the wear resistance attributes you want to obtain. For instance, priming with 2 Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L coats, then finishing with 1 is recommended or floor that handle high traffic. In the same situation, you can use 2 coats of the oil onto which a coat of Junckers HP High Performance will be added, or 2 coats of Junckers ProFinish for the low traffic areas.

4. Application is a breeze

The Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L has a straightforward application. First, since it comes ready to use, there is not dilution that is needed. You can also use a diverse range of tools to spread the coats on the wood surfaces, from cloths, brushes, rollers, lambswool applicators or spraying in combination with a nylon scouring pad. The treated surface with be ready to use after 24 hours. Always ensure that the surface onto which you are priming or finishing with the Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L has been fully saturated before you wipe off the excess. When priming untreated wood surfaces, they should first be sanded, with the final round of sanding using grit 100-120. After priming, it should be left to dry for 16-24 hours. Complete curing will have occurred in 3 days. On the other hand, in case you’re using the Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L for surface finishing, a fine sandpaper grit 180-220 should be used- alternatively you can go for a green or black nylon pad. In instances where the floor is to be treated with the oil and finished with a lacquer, first ensure that the surface is fully saturated with the Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L, then screen with a black pad and vacuum away the dust. Thereafter, apply 2 coats of the preferred lacquer depending on the wear requirements of the floor, with 4 hours drying time in between the subsequent applications.

5. Cost efficient

The Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L comes with a competitive price tag, set to provide your wood surfaces with the protection and elegance they require without stretching your budget. Moreover, with each litre of the Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L covering 10-50må_ of surface depending on the wood structure and absorption, you get more value with every purchase you make. Moreover, you get to avoid the inconveniences and financial implications that come due to damages to the wood, hence making more savings in the long run.

Extra Tips To Give You The Most Out Of The Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L

Always stir the oil well before you use it.

The excess Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L hold be wiped off within 30 minutes of application. Hence, it is advisable to divide up large surfaces into smaller areas that can be worked on in the short time.

Moistening the surface before priming it with the Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L will increase the wear resistance properties. You can use a damp cloth for this, ensuring that the areas is evenly wetted then allowing it to dry for 10-15 minutes before applying the oil.

When finishing floors, you can use 1 coat of the Junckers Rustic Oil 2.5 L, while for the tables and worktops 2 thin coats will suffice.

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