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Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer

  • Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer


Date : February 27, 2017

Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer


-affordable water based floor varnish suitable for domestic

-available in ultra matt, matt, silk mat and gloss finishes

-suitable for varnishing newly sanded wood floors or new floors

-very tough, very creamy, very easy to apply and very beautiful


Bring Your Floor To Life With The Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer

Wood floors come in numerous types, patterns, and designs. Whether you want a rustic distressed look, a traditional feel for your home, or a contemporary modern tone, there are options for everyone. The one constant is that they are stylish. Wood floors bring warmth and elegance to the residential establishment, adding a touch of grandiose and comfort to the interior space. They’re naturally beautiful, which is part of what makes them so popular, in addition to the ease of maintenance. Getting rid of dirt and mud from shoes, as well as pet hair strewn all over it is a breeze. They don’t trap dust, mould spores, dander and other allergens, protecting the indoor air quality. Moreover, the wood floors can last for generations. They have gone as far as being called a timeless beauty- and they never go out of style. In fact, there are buildings with installations predating the world-wars. All they need is the regular touch-up to keep them going. That’s where treatment options come in. They keep your investment in top condition. They set an ambience that you can look forward to waking up to every morning, and returning home to every evening. It even has mental benefits. The warmth soothes the mind, which lifts your mood and even enhances your creativity. Not to mention that you’ll have the confidence to host guests, even going as far as impressing them with the state of things. You get to enjoy the elegance of your home, and be proud of your investment. Make this a reality with the Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer. Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer

Your floor needs to be finished with protective coats to enable it to resist wear and tear from the abuse it receives. Everything from foot traffic, the occasional food and drink spills, scratches from your pets claws and even urine stains, all through to sunlight, pose a risk to the beauty and structural integrity of your installation. The soiling that’s grinded against the surface under people’s feet acts like sand paper, abrading it. The floor catches everything that falls, whether its particles floating in the air, or hard and sharp objects getting accidentally dropped onto it. You don’t want dents and grooves forming, ruining the patterns. The spills cause changes in the moisture balance, since wood is hygroscopic, leading to water damage. There’s also the risk of stains setting into the surface. The sun’s effects are as a result of its ultraviolet and infrared radiation’s light and heat respectively, that cause fading, making it look dull and forlorn. You can prevent this from happening by protecting your investment with the Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer.

What To Expect From The Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer

1. Durable coat The goals is to keep your home’s floor in top shape and form, and the Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer does not disappoint. Designed to withstand the abuse from wear and tear in residential establishments, it will protect the structural integrity of your flooring. The co-polymer polyurethane/ acrylic Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer forms a tough layer of protection once it dries and hardens, shielding the underlying wood from the barrage of foot traffic, spills, knocks and also solar radiation that it receives on a daily basis. Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer

2. Different sheen choices What do you want for you interior decor? From Matt, Silk Matt and Ultra Matt, all through to Gloss, the Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer has got you covered. You get to have the results you desire for your residential establishment, breathing new life into your flooring. What’s more, it’s a non-yellowing product, meaning you’ll get to enjoy that beauty and elegance for longer. In addition, the creamy/milky nature of the Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer while it’s in the container transforms into a colourless film that enables you to see right through to the underlying wood. The design features of the floor’s structure get more pronounced, its colouration more prominent, and the grain gets enhanced. As such, you get to give your floor a fresh new look while retaining the natural feeling that it’s renowned for. Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer

3. Water based This is a plus in numerous ways. First is the major reduction that is made in the drying time, compared to oil based products. You apply the Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer, give it a couple of hours to dry (usually 4 hours), and then you can allow light traffic onto the area. In fact, the lacquer can be applied during the day, and you still get to sleep the same room that night. The odour content is low, and it dissipates fast, plus there are no toxic fumes to fret about. That way you can rest assured that you and your family members are safe. Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer

4. Pocket friendly The Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer has been affordably priced not to strain your budget. It comes in 5 and 10-litre packages, and you can go for the option that best suits the requirements of your floor project. Its 10 m2/litre application rate gives you more return for your investment, since each unit purchase goes a long way. It also has long term benefits to your finances. The Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer lowers your floor’s maintenance costs, thanks to the enhanced strength and durability of the surface which increases its wear resistance. You even rake in more profits when selling or renting out the property, since the aesthetics will enable you to attract more clients and set premiums for the residential space. Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer

Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer

Always shake/stir before application.

Ensure that the floor is clean. Substances like dust, greasy residues, smoke particles and food smudges on the surface will affect the quality of the results.

Since the Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer is designed to be readily applied onto your floor, you don’t need to dilute it.

When applying, don’t pour it out directly onto the surface. Make use of equipment such as brushes or the air/airless sprays.

Allow proper drying time in between subsequent applications of the Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer. In addition, lightly sand the previous coat, using a 10 grit sandpaper or higher. Follow the direction of the wood grain.

It is recommended that you limit the applications of the Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer to 2 coats per day.

Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer


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