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Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer 5L

  • Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer 5L


Date : November 27, 2017

-very high traffic water based floor varnish

-suitable for commercial and domestic floors

-available in matt, silk matt and gloss finish

-it will cover between 8 to 10 sq meters per L

-suitable for use without any type of primers

-it will last for many years even under high traffic

-two component high traffic floor lacquer –

available in 5 l or 10 litres containers

Protect Your Investment With The Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer

When it comes to aesthetics, you want to be impressed with the installation in your establishment. Whether it’s your family home or business premises, the look and feel of the floor reflects on everything else. Why wouldn’t it- after all, it goes everywhere. Your walls, furnishings, upholstery, electrical appliances, even that vase holding the plants gets affected by the appeal, or lack thereof, of the floor. As such, you want it to be grand. One that you can be proud of for your home, and that will have guests coming over smiling in admiration. In commercial establishments, the state of the floor goes to further affect your financial position. Customers walking into the establishment will take it as a representation of the level of service delivery to expect from you, and you want them to have a positive perception. Even your employees want to feel that you care about their working conditions, which in turn enhances their productivity. Bring the best out of your installation with the Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer.

Beauty and durability are intertwined. You want a floor that will be elegant for the long haul. The surface comes under a barrage of attack from the foot traffic it handles, to natural elements like solar radiation. Family members and guests in your home, or customers and employees in your commercial establishment, all put pressure on the wood, especially those in spiked and heeled shoes. Then there’s the friction as they walk about. The dust and grime particles that are on the surface get grinded into it, acting like sand paper and abrading the wood. This wears it down and reduces its ability to withstand more abuse. Then there’s the food and drink spills that are bound to occur especially in high traffic settings. This bring 2 problems: stains and risk of water damage. The first takes away the beauty of your floor boards, while the second has a wide range of effects, such as gapping and warping, due to the imbalance in the moisture levels between the wood and the surrounding. There’s even the risk of mould growing, which not only damages the structural integrity of the wood, but also puts the health of the persons in the establishment at risk. Add to all these the ultraviolet and infrared radiation from the sun. They cause fading, gradually taking away the elegance of the wood. Prevent things from going down this road by protecting it with the Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer.

What You Get From The Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer

1. Hard-wearing coats High traffic commercial and residential establishments have tough demands, and the 2-component Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer is up to the task. The protective coats keep the underlying wood structure safe from the wear and tear in these environments, preventing scuffs and scratches, and even warding off the sun’s fading effects. The superior durability of the Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer doesn’t disappoint when it comes to shielding your investment from the knocks and gorges that could have occurred, and even stops spills from seeping into the wood.

2. Short dry time You don’t want your life at home or business operations at your workplace to be inconvenienced. With the quick drying of the Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer, they won’t. In fact, in 24 hours after application, light traffic can be allowed on the surface. In just 3 days, the coats of the solvent-based lacquer will have fully cured.

3. Transparent finish This means that the wood’s grain patterns, design and colouration get more pronounced after you apply the Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer. In addition, there are Matt, Silk Matt and Gloss sheen choices to choose from. What you go for depends on your individual taste and requirements for your establishment.

4. Fast Application There are no complicated processes to follow when applying the Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer. After you’ve prepared the mixture with the hardener, simply apply it onto the floor, allow it to dry for 1 hours, lightly sand, then apply the second coat. The Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer: hardener ratio is 25:1. Since it’s formulated to be ready to use, there won’t be any dilution that will be required. You can use your preferred application tool, with the brush, mohair roller, and air/airless spray systems being the more popular options. Don’t pour it directly onto the surface. Note that the mixture should be allowed to stand for around 10 minutes, with shaking or stirring both before and after this period.

5. Pocket friendly The Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer is beneficial to your finances in a number of ways. First, the packages are affordable. The hardener is included with the purchase, with you getting to choose between 1.04L (1 + 0.04), and the 5.2L (5 + 0.2). You can even get the larger 10.4L (10 + 0.4) package (lacquer + hardener). Secondly, the 10 må_/L rate of application is economical, giving you the most out of every product you use. This brings down the cost of sprucing up your floor. In addition, since the Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer enhances the strength of the surface, it cuts down on maintenance costs you could have incurred in making repairs or replacing entire floor boards.

Tips For Using The Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer

When it comes to floor preparation, the goal is to have a clean and smooth surface. For the untreated floors and those that have been sanded, you’ll just need to wash away the dirt and grime, in order to prevent them from affecting the quality of the results. Floors that were previously sealed should first be sanded down to the bare wood. Here you can use the coarse 24-36 grit sand paper, before gradually progressing to 60-80, then 120-150.

The Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer should be shaken before use. In addition, also shake or stir the lacquer- hardener mixture after you prepare it.

The 1 hour drying time between subsequent applications of the Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer should be observed, with light sanding after, using fine paper of grit 150-180.

The equipment that is used should be cleaned before storage. The Junckers Professional 625 Floor Lacquer forms a hard coat when dry, and you don’t want this to happen on your tools, which you’ll need to use elsewhere. Clean them using white spirit.


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