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Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer

  • Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer


Date : April 17, 2017

Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer

Breathe New Life Into Your Floor With the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer

Wood is naturally beautiful, and gives your interior space a comfortable, warm feeling. It’s not a surprise, then, that numerous property owners around the world are rushing to have wood floors installed in their establishments. There are different designs for everyone, capable of meeting their individual taste and style. Its beauty that can last as long as the building itself. In fact, there are premises whose wood flooring installations have spanned across different generations. All that’s has been needed to keep them in prime condition is proper care. Wood floors are also an investment, enabling you to fetch a higher price for your home in case you decide to sell it later on in life, simultaneously boosting revenue for realtors and property managers. The flooring is also beneficial for persons with allergies and asthma, since it has less of a tendency of trapping allergens like dust. Add to this aspects like better acoustics since hollow sounds and vibrations are reduced, plus the prestige that comes with having a wood floor for your establishment, and you’ll want to protect it, to keep it looking at is best. That’s a job for the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer.

Everything that falls ends up on the floor. Large objects like machines that were knocked over, the occasional food and drink spills, down to the minute particles like dust that get blown into the building by wind, will wind up on the wood surface. People walking around the residential or commercial establishment end up grinding these substances against the wood. It’s like sand paper, gradually wearing down the surface. In high traffic establishments, the rate at which this happens increases dramatically. Your once elegant floor becomes dull and drabby. It loses its sheen, and this reflects on everything else on the premises. Then there are the scuffs and scratch marks to contend with, whether they have been caused by persons wearing spiked and heeled shoes in your workplace, or the claws of your furry friend at home. These can’t just be cleaned off, with refinishing becoming necessary. Add to this fading effects caused by the sun’s radiation baking the floor all through the day after you draw the curtains, and you’ll want to prevent things from going down this road in the first place. What the wood needs is a layer coating it that will shield it from the constant abuse it receives. That’s right up the alley of the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer. Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer

Benefits Of The Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer

1. Builds a tough finish You get to enhance your floor’s strength, and its ability to stand up to the attacks it receives on a daily basis. The 1-component Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer is specially designed for use in high traffic residential and commercial establishments, to protect the underlying wood. It will take a beating and retain its elegance, enabling you to continue enjoying the full benefits of the wood installation. In addition, the enhanced durability enables you to cut down on your building’s maintenance budget. Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer

2. Timely effective Convenience is key, and you don’t want your residential or commercial operations getting crippled by the floor maintenance operations. The curing process of the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer ensures that you won’t have to. In just 24 hours after applying the coats, light traffic can be allowed onto the area. Your activities can resume, as the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer continues curing, which will be complete after 1 week. Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer

3. Transparent finish The Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer provides you with long lasting beauty. As the hardened layer dries, it forms a colourless film that brings out the rich colour and warmth of the wood itself. The grain and patterns become more pronounced, enabling you to spruce up the dÌ©cor. You can get the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer in Matt, Silk Matt or Gloss, depending on your individual preference. Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer

4. Protects indoor air You don’t want the interior space getting choke full of odours. You won’t need to worry about that with the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer. The solvent based lacquer has low emissions to preserve the indoor air quality of your establishment. Unlike similar products, its formulation also comes with milder solvency power. In addition, the minimal contents produced dissipate rapidly, enabling you to resume normal activity in the establishment as soon as the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer coats dry. Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer

5. Application is a breeze The application of the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer easily enables you to get professional quality results. Just stir/shake the lacquer, apply it to the floor, and allow it to dry. No dilution is required. Different equipment can be used, ranging from a brush, mohair roller, all through to air/airless sprays. The floor preparation depends on its current state. Surfaces that already have previous treatments simply need to be washed with the Junckers Sylva Neutralizer, and sanded thoroughly using grit 150-180. In case you’re not sure whether the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer is compatible with the existing sealant, you can do a spot test. If it’s not, then the floor will be needed to be sanded down to the bare wood- which is also the case for wax/polish treated floors. This is to remove the old coats. After the sanding, and also for untreated floors, the surface should be primed with Junckers ProSeal, then lightly sanded, before adding the coats of the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer. Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer

6. Budget friendly The Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer enables you to make savings right from the onset, with its affordable 2, 5, and 10 litre products. In addition to this, the 8-10 m2/litre coverage rate means that you get to work on more floor surface area with every single unit item that you acquire, further reducing your floor maintenance budget. Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer

DOs And DON’Ts Of The Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer

DO allow proper ventilation when applying the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer, and to also speed up the drying process.

DO sand following the direction of the wood grain (especially the final pass before adding the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer).

DO allow 6-8 hours drying time in between subsequent coat applications.

DO clean the equipment you use with white spirit after you’re done with the application process.

DON’T apply more than 2 coats of the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer per day.

DON’T pour the Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer on the floor directly. Use tools like brushes to prevent wastage, and get even coats.

Junckers Pro Tech Floor Lacquer


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