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Junckers Prefill Gap Filler

  • Junckers Prefill Gap Filler


Date : July 14, 2017

Junckers Prefill Gap Filler

Fix Up Your Floor With The Junckers PreFill Gap Filler

Home and business owners install wood floors for different reasons. However, aesthetics is usually at the top of the list. They give the interior of the premises a rich and luxurious look that simply can’t be replicated by other flooring types. It’s natural beauty at your feet, which spruces up the ambience and makes it more inviting. With the wide array of wood species, grain patterns and designs to choose from, one can easily get the installation that matches the individual taste- and rest assured that it won’t go out of style. The goodies don’t end there. Due to the organic origin, plus the non-electromagnetic nature of the wood, it tends to attract less dust and allergens that come along, thus making it one of the healthiest floor installations to have. They also bring an aroma into the interior space, making it more appealing. You get to impress customers coming to your business premises, and give your home a wow factor. Wood floors are also renowned for their durability and lifespan. When properly taken care of, they can last as long as the building itself without needing to be replaced. When those pesky gaps form on the surface of your installation, it’s time to turn to the Junckers PreFill Gap Filler.

Junckers Prefill Gap Filler

The gap problem with the wood flooring could be caused by any of a number of issues. The most common is extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations. Wood is hygroscopic, and is affected by the differences in moisture balance. For instance, heating your home in the winter can cause the humidity levels to plummet, and the boards to shrink. As the seasons change and the humidity levels increase, the reverse happens. Gradually the changes become permanent, necessitating a quick fix. It’s not just the weather that’s an issue. Moisture from the subfloors that was not considered during the installation will create problems for the floorboards. There can even be a leak from appliances, or ground water coming through a perforated water barrier, that gets between the wood boards and the subfloor, causing further swings in the moisture levels. In case the wood wasn’t properly acclimated before installation, then the changes will make the gaps more prominent. There are also those instances when inaccurate measurements are made, which is a common occurrence with DIY projects, and the boards are not fit properly next to each other. The gap issues don’t have to ruin your flooring. Get rid of them with the Junckers PreFill Gap Filler.

Benefits Of The Junckers PreFill Gap Filler

1. Maintains the wood’s aesthetic value – Junckers Prefill Gap Filler

You get to keep that natural look and feel that’s with the rest of the floor. As the Junckers PreFill Gap Filler hardens and dries, it absorbs the coloration of the sanding dust with which has been mixed with, enabling you to retain that particular hue of your floor. Thus, you get rid of the gaps problem without ruining the ambience of the interior space.

2. Preserves indoor air quality – Junckers Prefill Gap Filler

The Junckers PreFill Gap Filler is a water based product, coming with all its inherent attributes, including no toxic fumes being generated. This protects the health of your loved ones at home, plus persons on your commercial premises. In addition, it makes the Junckers PreFill Gap Filler compatible with water based primers and other floor treatments that will be applied after to complete the floor restoration process.

3. Timely convenient – Junckers Prefill Gap Filler

You want fast results. You should be able to schedule quick maintenance sessions in your home or business premises, and fix gap problems without crippling the rest of your operations. In just 45-90 minutes, the Junckers PreFill Gap Filler paste that you add to the gaps will have dried. The thickness of the film used also factors in to determine the length of time that will be taken.

4. Quick fix – Junckers Prefill Gap Filler

Simply mix the Junckers PreFill Gap Filler with the sanding dust, and apply the paste into the gap. You can use a broad, full-edge stainless steel spatula for fast application. There are no mixing ratios to concern yourself with. Simply adjust the viscosity with the Junckers PreFill Gap Filler, to get a thick but spreadable paste. Note that before you work on the surface, it should be thoroughly cleaned to remove dust, grease and wax residues, plus other contaminants from the surface. The equipment used can easily be washed using soap and water.

5. Enhance the appeal of the premises – Junckers Prefill Gap Filler

Whether it’s gaps on the floor, or patches from using improper filler material, the place will end up looking disorderly and poorly maintained. That is not the image you want to portray to potential buyers or tenants. You’ll end up losing on market, or giving lower prices, which reduces your return on your investment. Even for home and business owners, you want to give out a positive perception about your enterprise to guests dropping by. It has an impact on your reputation, whether it in the eyes of your in-laws, or the customers who you want to convince to purchase your products or services. You want to be proud of your house. After all, you’ve invested heavily in it. For the business owners, image goes further to impact on the perception that your clients have on your brand, and you want it to be positive. Get rid of the unsightly blemishes that the gaps are using the Junckers PreFill Gap Filler.

6. Budget friendly – Junckers Prefill Gap Filler

The costs benefits of the Junckers PreFill Gap Filler start right at the onset, with the 5L package bearing a pocket-friendly price tag. The Junckers PreFill Gap Filler has a coverage rate of 5-20 må_ for every litre. The exact amount you use is governed by the condition that your floor is in. However, the wide coverage rate lowers your maintenance costs, since you will be able to get to numerous gaps that have bedevilled your flooring.

DOs And DON’Ts Of The Junckers PreFill Gap Filler

DO shake the Junckers PreFill Gap Filler well before use.

DO sand with grit 120-150 sandpaper when removing the dried excess filler from the surface.

DO seal the floor after filling the gaps.

DON’T dilute the sanding dust and Junckers PreFill Gap Filler mixture with water.

Junckers Prefill Gap Filler


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