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Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75 L

  • Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75 L


Date : August 23, 2017

Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75 L

Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L Review

Wood is an elegant addition to the interior space. The flooring is warm and soothing to the eyes, giving you a grandiose decor, which reflects on everything else. The aesthetic appeal is a huge reason behind why property owners from all walks of life, in homes and business premises, are installing wood floors. The different species, with their colourations, swirls and grain patterns, add a characteristic charm to the interior space. But the flooring is beneficial for more than just beauty. Wood in itself is an insulator, preventing heat loss from the building, hence reducing the amount of energy spent to run your air conditioning unit. For instance, an inch of wood provides as much insulation as 15 inches of concrete. The lower energy consumption is good news for your bills at the end of the month. The cellular structure of the wood is also good at absorbing sounds. When properly installed, the floor boards reduce their reverberation, thus helping to dampen down noise levels in the establishment. Moreover, it’s also a green flooring choice. Wood is a carbon neutral product, and its flooring demand is responsible for numerous certified sustainable forests being put up around the world. Hence, in addition to bringing a natural look and feel to your establishment, you also get to reduce your carbon footprint. You want this to last. Protect your wood floor and enhance its attributes using the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L.

Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75 L

The main threat to your wood floor is dirt and grime. Those particles put the structural integrity of the wood at risk. When people walk on them, they are grinded against the surface of the floor. This abrasive action is like when you’re using sandpaper. The heavier the footfall, the faster the rate at which the degradation occurs. The wear and tear not only takes away the appeal of the installation, but it also affects the tissues of the wood depending on how deep the damage goes, and its ability to withstand abuse from even aspects like solar radiation, plus the items getting dropped on it. As such, protective coats like Junckers HP Oil are applied. They add to the durability of your floor, penetrating into it and providing features like stain and water resistance. The Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L comes in here in order to maintain the protection that has been provided to the floor.

Reasons To Invest In The Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L

1. Freshen up your floor. Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75 L

The Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L is designed for indoor maintenance of floors that have been pre-treated with the Junckers HP Oil. It restores the features of the oil, enhancing the protection for the underlying wood. It works for both complete floor restoration projects when you’re treating the entire surface, or those minor fixes, where you can carry out spot treatments on affected areas. The increased wear and abradability attributes enables the floor to withstand the barrage of abuse it receives, prolonging its life, and enabling you to enjoy it all through.

2. Accentuate the wood. Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75 L

The clear Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L emphasises the natural warmth and colouration of the wood, enabling you to spruce up the interior space and enhance its appeal. It brings back the lost elegance, and makes the lustrous nature feature through more prominently, setting a relaxing and inviting tone in your home, and impressing customers visiting your commercial establishment. You get to come home to an inviting dÌ©cor that soothes you the moment you step through the front door, and get that wow factor that stirs up admiration from the friends and relatives coming over to say hi. The improved ambience you get with the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L also has therapeutic benefits, since it sets conducive living and working conditions, which calm the mind, making you more productive and getting those creative juices flowing. Even your employees’ morale gets a boost after seeing the level of care that you are putting in their working environment.

3. Fast drying. Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75 L

Time is crucial. Whether you’re preparing the building for an event, you’re a landlord or property manager about to host an open house, or you simply want to make quick spot treatments in your living or working space to revitalise things, you want minimal time to be taken up with the floor restoration project. It takes just 3-4 hours after applying the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L for the floor to be ready to use. You can allow light traffic onto it, thus preventing your family members at home or the customers and employees in your business premises being inconvenienced.

4. Cost convenient. Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75 L

The Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L is affordably priced, giving you high quality results without denting your wallet. It also has a wide coverage rate of 40-50 må_ per litre, which depends on how porous the wood is, and the surface reparation used. This enables each unit product that you purchase to cover more area, further reducing your maintenance costs.

How To Use The Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L

First ensure that the surface is clean and dry. Residue, dust, grease, smudges and other impurities should be removed. Clean the surface with Junckers Sylva Neutralizer then sand it using 180-240 grit sandpaper. Alternatively, you can use a polishing machine that has been fitted with a black nylon pad to lightly abrade the surface. Vacuum away the sanding dust, then follow these steps:

1. Stir the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L thoroughly.

2. Apply an even coat onto the surface. You can use the lint-free cloth, or a buffing machine with a nylon pad.

3. Allow to dry

After you’re done, clean the tools used using white spirit. The frequency with which the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L is applied depends on how much traffic is handled by the floor.

Tips For Using The Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L

You don’t need to dilute the product, as it comes ready to use.

Ensure that the existing Junckers HP Oil finish is intact before applying the Recoat.

Note that the Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75L is not meant to be applied directly onto the bare timber. In case the existing HP Oil has been worn through, sand it then retreat it with the oil finish, thereafter add the Recoat.

Junckers HP Oil Recoat 0.75 L


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