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Junckers Basefill Gap Filler

  • Junckers Basefill Gap Filler


Date : June 22, 2016

Junckers Basefill Gap Filler

A Look At The Junckers Basefill Gap Filler

When it comes to aesthetics, wood floors reign supreme. They are the most sought out after type of flooring, and there is a wide array to choose from. From the different species, each having their own unique grain patterns, and colourations, to the various wood stains, sealants, varnishes and top coats that can be applied, you can get the installation that matches your particular taste. Set the tone that you desire for you decor, in your residential or commercial establishment. Moreover, wood flooring offers a timeless appeal. With proper care, your installation can last for ages- as long as the building itself. It also doesn’t go out of style, so you won’t have to worry about ripping out boards later on in life to keep up with the market trends. Then there’s the durability aspect. Wood floors can handle quite the load, which makes them popular for high traffic establishments. The positive attributes don’t stop here. The wood even enables you to improve the indoor quality of your establishment. This is because it doesn’t attract allergens like dust, pollen, pet dander and other particles that lead to eye and respiratory reactions. What’s more, those that wind up on it under the influence of gravity can be easily swept or mopped off, which makes cleaning a breeze. The room’s acoustics are also improved, which is also why you’ll find wood flooring being used in music halls and dance studios. In order to enjoy the maximum benefits of your wood floor, it just needs regular maintenance. Part of the process entails removing gaps, which is where the Junckers Basefill Gap Filler comes in.

Junckers Basefill Gap Filler

Those gaps forming all across the surface between the floor boards are due to different reasons. Take extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity for instance. Wood is organic and hygroscopic. Its cells will react to the changes, expanding or contracting accordingly. For instance, during those cold winter months as you run your underfloor heating, the humidity levels decrease, causing the wood to shrink. As the seasons change, the floor boards revert to the original sate. However, the size changes will gradually become more permanent, causing gaps to form. Human error is also a contributing factor. This ranges from failing to consider the conditions of the subfloor, to not allowing sufficient acclimation before installation. This makes the changes that will be caused by the temperature and humidity fluctuations to be more amplified. There may even be ground water finding its way in between the subfloor and the floor boards, causing moisture imbalances. In addition, the boards themselves may not have been properly laid side by side right from the onset, as a result of a rookie or DIY installation. The gap problem shouldn’t be allowed to ruin your investment. Get rid of it with the Junckers Basefill Gap Filler.

Reasons To Invest In The Junckers Basefill Gap Filler

1. Highly effective – Junckers Basefill Gap Filler

You want a quality product that will fill the gaps in your wood floor with high efficacy, and the Junckers Basefill Gap Filler doesn’t’ disappoint. It is widely used in both residential and commercial establishments, filling gaps up to 2mm wide. Whether is parquet flooring or you have exotic wood in your establishment, you can rely on the Junckers Basefill Gap Filler to repair those gaps that have developed over time.

2. Retains the aesthetic appeal of your wood floor – Junckers Basefill Gap Filler

You don’t want to have to worry about unsightly patches on the floor where you fix the gaps. With the Junckers Basefill Gap Filler, you won’t have to. Initially colourless, it absorbs the hue from the sanding dust that it is mixed with, ensuring that there is a seamless blend when it is applied into the gaps. Thereafter, you can use it with either Junckers solvent based or water-based lacquers, depending on the attributes that you desire for the flooring in your establishment. As such, the elegance of your residential or commercial premises is restored. You’ll have an inviting ambience welcoming you every day you return home from work, and even your hosting capabilities receive a boost, since you won’t be dreading questioning glances from your friends and relatives dropping by for a visit. For business, this bolsters your image in the eyes of customers coming to seek your products as services.

3. Timely convenient – Junckers Basefill Gap Filler

With the hustle and bustle of today’s world, every second counts. The Junckers Basefill Gap Filler has a remarkably short drying time- 15 minutes. This enables you to undertake quick fixes in your establishment, and also prevents you from getting inconvenienced in your daily home or business activities.

4. Fast application – Junckers Basefill Gap Filler

The Junckers Basefill Gap Filler is a quick remedy to your gap problem. When it comes to applying it, simply mix it with the dust you obtain after sanding the affected area, to form a paste. The thickness of the paste can be adjusted with the Junckers Basefill Gap Filler amount that is added to the mixture. Then add the paste to the gap, sand off the excess and allow to dry. The preferred application tool is a stainless steel spatula that is broad and full-edged. Note that you should be quick to spread the pate into the gap. You don’t want it to harden and dry before you’re done. In addition, seal the floor using the lacquer that is most suitable to your establishment, depending on the traffic levels that it handles.

5. Easy on your wallet – Junckers Basefill Gap Filler

The Junckers Basefill Gap Filler has been suitably priced to enable you to repair your floor and preserve its aesthetic appeal without breaking the bank. First, its 5L and 10L packages are affordable. This means you’ll be making savings right off the bat. Secondly it has a wide coverage rate-10 må_/litre. This increases the amount of gaps that can be fixed with each single unit package of the Junckers Basefill Gap Filler. Moreover, fixing the gaps enables you to increase the value of the property, and rake in more profit from your property deals.

DOs And DON’Ts Of The Junckers Basefill Gap Filler

DO treat the surface after applying the paste formed with the Junckers Basefill Gap Filler.

DO clean your tools with white spirit.

DON’T dilute with water. The Junckers Basefill Gap Filler comes ready to use.



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