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Interchange Mop Head 12 oz

  • Interchange Mop Head 12 oz


Date : November 8, 2016

Interchange Mop Head 12 oz

Interchange Mop Head 12oz

The world is a busy place and keeps changing that we must admit. A few years ago a piece of cloth could be used to clean floors. With the busy schedules, people have become tired of all the bending while cleaning floors and thus the creation of fixed mops that are attached to the mop heads. The mops in the market keep improving and upgrading its designs and efficiency. The Interchange Mop Head 12oz is a creation that not only cleans perfectly but saves the cleaner’s time.

Interchange Mop Head 12oz is a mop head that can fit in different mop handles depending on the cleaner’s preferences. The mop head’s threading should be compatible with the mop handle for proper mopping. The mop heads are designed differently according to the purpose. There are mop heads that are soft which are used mainly at home and others designed to clean busy places such as commercial kitchens.

Features of the Interchange Mop Head 12oz

Cotton fiber. The mop head is fixed with cotton fibers that are ideal for daily use and ensures that the floor you are cleaning is entirely dry and leaves no streaks behind.

Looped ends. The Interchange Mop Head 12oz loop ends to make sure that the fiber does not tangle or break when cleaning the floors

Matching yarn and band. The mop heads have different colors to make it easy for the user to differentiate the mop heads with the cleaning area.

Light. The Interchange Mop Head 12oz is light to work with even after dipping it in water. Your back does not strain while working with the mop.

Easy to clean. After working with a mop it necessary to clean its mop head. The Interchange Mop Head 12oz can be clean by use of hands or washing machine.

Advantages of using the Interchange Mop Head 12oz

1. Color codes. The main reason for mop heads to have different colors is to avoid cross contamination especially in hospitals and homes that have little children and pets.

Yellow-used in kitchens and other food preparation areas.

Red-designed to be used in the toilets and washrooms.

Green-used for cleaning public areas

Blue-used in bar, hotel, and restaurants

2. The Interchange Mop Head 12oz gives cleaners the opportunity to choose mop handles that fit their preferences. There are different mop handles in the market which vary from material to the make. The variety is such as aluminum interchangeable, high fiber and p.v.c which gives the user a choice, unlike the mop heads that come fixed to the mop handles.

3. The Interchange Mop Head 12oz to choose the mop handle according to his/her height. Working with a shot mop handle can be tiring while a long one may strain your hands.

4. Cost saving. One mop handle can serve several mop head provided their threading is compatible. Its saves space for the additional storage of different handles too.

5. Durable. Proper handling of the Interchange Mop Head 12oz increases its lifespan drastically. Simple maintenance practices extend the usage of the mop head.

6. High performance. While using the mop head, you don’t need to keep repeating the floor several times.

What to look out for when buying an Interchange Mop Head 12oz

Check out the tip of the yarn, if it’s looped or cut end.

The material used to make the mop head’s yarn. There are several in the market such as cotton, high fiber or a mixed yarn.

Size of the mop head or tail band

Interchange Mop Head 12oz yarn layout

Interchange Mop Head 12oz threading should match mop handle’s

How to use the Interchange Mop Head 12oz


Mop bucket

Dustpan and brush

Water and detergent

Rubber gloves

1. Prepare the mopping area. Practice caution and put up the wet floor or warning signs to alert people of the slippery floor. Move all furniture and obstacles to one corner where they will not get wet. Remove, sticky substances from the surface, to be mopped. Interchange Mop Head 12 oz

2. Open all windows and doors for proper ventilation. Interchange Mop Head 12 oz

3. Dust the area. Using your dustpan and broom, remove all debris, dirt and large particles such as chips and other food items from the floor

4. Mix water and your detergent following the manufacturer’s instructions keenly. Interchange Mop Head 12 oz

5. Wet mopping. Dunk the mop in the mop bucket containing water and detergent. Wring out when it’s dump enough to allow all the dirt cling to it. Interchange Mop Head 12 oz

6. Start cleaning from the farthest corner of the room from the door. In a figure 8 pattern mop the floor while moving backward. This movement will prevent you from stepping and leaving footmarks on the areas you have cleaned.

7. Change the water solution often if the room was filthy to avoid streaks on the floor.

8. After mopping let the place dry and return furniture to their original location.

9. Clean up. Dispose of the dirty water and rinse the mop bucket until it’s thoroughly clean. Use running water to wash the Interchange Mop Head 12oz.Use detergent for best results.

10. Hang the mop in the sunshine while the Interchange Mop Head 12oz faces up.

11. Remove all your caution signs when the floor is completely dry.

Tips for maintaining the Interchange Mop Head 12oz

Rinse and wring out properly after each cleaning session. Wringing out will prevent built up of gunk. Ensure that you also get rid of the detergent on the mop head to extend the mop head’s lifespan.

Machine wash the Interchange Mop Head 12oz often to get rid of ant bacteria and pathogens build up

Disinfect and sanitize the Interchange Mop Head 12oz to prevent a germ build up the environment.

Do not leave the mop head soaking overnight or for extend period. Soaking for a long time creates a breeding ground for microbes which will be spread across the floor in your next mopping session.

Don’t twist and turn the Interchange Mop Head 12oz when it’s in the mop wringer. Twisting tangles the mop head’s strands and loosening.

The Interchange Mop Head 12oz is an outstanding mop head that beats all the other sub-standards mops in the market while giving you services and value for your money. You will never regret when you choose the interchange head 12oz



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